Au Revoir…..For Now

I remember several years ago playing the Parkland Golf Course in Killarney. There was a wee caddie whose lack of stature was made up for by his wit and personality. As we said good bye he said, “It’s been a pleasure and I hope some day that our paths meet again.” Couldn’t have put it any better myself.

I have had a lot of fun writing Ted’s Head but I believe it is time for a break or maybe a total cessation of hostilities. I was going to call it a sabbatical but that sounds both haughty and requires me to come back. I have posted 90 times over the last year and a half and God bless all of you for checking on well over 8,000 occasions. Those who have read it every week will surely get into heaven because we know they have already been in Purgatory or worse.

Somewhere between Sunday and Tuesday evening I try to assemble my thoughts. Sometimes fiery. Sometimes meditative. Sometimes melancholy. Always from the heart. As I have said many times I hope I have been able to make you think. Not necessarily agree but at least pause to study your own convictions to test their reason.

Kathy and I are going to do a bit of traveling. Taking in sights but more trying to understand this crazy world we live in. I will listen attentively and maybe share some of those insights I glean with some of you in the future. Soon I may be banging on your email box again or then again maybe I will spare you.

As for our country I believe the right path has not come to the fore. I am torn between right and left. I can’t be charitable towards the disenfranchised because I know we don’t have the discipline to pay for it. I also can’t turn my head and say fend for yourself. My heart and my beliefs just won’t let that happen. Ah yes the answer probably lies in the middle but we are too raw and proud to give up any ground.

Actually the worst part is the procrastination. If you have been elected or appointed to lead you must do so. Washington has lost any shred of accountability or decency. I say in all honesty that I think they are all a bunch of bums who have turned service into a career. That longevity has  to be protected at all cost. Giving your vote to the highest bidder in the name of democracy.

As far as a free market driven economy I feel we have distorted that too. Might is right. Crony capitalism has replaced hard work and sacrifice. The playing field is uneven. We scream bloody murder about regulations. On the other hand if people were honest and diligent, regs and inspectors and auditors would not be necessary. Such is the folly of man. Probably my naiveté looks even sillier to you corporate titans.

I may sound down on the United States and maybe even the world. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I have asserted many times I am a pragmatist. Take the hand you are dealt and work with it. Be critical to make things better not just bitch. If you have a gripe have a solution to fix it. Above all get off your ass and participate.

I am going to try my best to work on a couple of problem areas where maybe my pen or my love of public speaking can make a difference. I want my generation to go from a liability to an asset. I want to pass on to those coming up whatever kernels of wisdom I can. Someone asked if they could pick my brain? I told them I there wasn’t much there but they were welcome to it.

I would appreciate any thoughts some of you might have. As to Ted’s Head, things we should work on or whatever. I thank so many of you for offering comments both pro and con over the course of my stay. It keeps me grounded and plugging for more.

Most of all I just want to say thank you for your interest and your friendship. You are all the best.

As always

Ted The Great


Au Revoir is similar to adieu, ave, bon voyage, farwell and Godspeed. I think that covers it.

If one Googles legislative procrastination you come up with page after page of nations and states that can’t seem to make a decision.

Crony capitalism is a term describing an economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. It may be exhibited by favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, specil tax breaks.  Crony capitalism is believed to arise when political cronyism spills over into the business world; self-serving friendships and family ties between businessmen and the government influence the economy and society to the extent that it corrupts public-serving economic and political ideals.

I have been thinking since I wrote this last treatise. I have come up with three more things I want to share. Cool it TTG.

Our future lies with our kids and our grandkids. Let’s give them every opportunity to make it right. AND THAT IS MY FINAL FACTOID….FOR NOW

I am now going out on the front porch with a cigar and Vodka and tonic to savor the moment. Please join me. Pax.

Just The Facts M’aam…..

The ever dour Sergeant Joe Friday would look the person in the eye after they had rambled on for minutes and just ask for the facts. We could use Dragnet today and maybe we have finally found it. Maybe now we can stop prancing around the ring and get into some heavyweight boxing.

The injection of Paul Ryan is beyond healthy. I don’t care what side you are on. We now have more than platitudes to work from. This guy is a budget wonk at 42. Maybe, just maybe we will have a substantive discussion over the role of government and someone getting to a brass knuckle debate over the deficit.

Ryan is the first one to specifically address entitlements. If you think we can keep them the way they are I have some wonderful swamp land to sell you. We have to change the age of Social Security. Not 30 years from today but now. We have to means test both SS and Medicare. We all know it. Let’s just bite the bullet and do it.

I have written before and will write again that we have to inject copays into every aspect of medical treatment. People will say that if we do that, then some won’t be proactive in their approach to life. DUH!! I think it’s far time for people in general to take responsibility for their own welfare. I hear the whining now. If I do that as a legislator then I might not be reelected. Well that might be the case. Should go with the turf.

We are in a tizzy about defense spending. That we don’t have enough. We outspend the next four countries in line including China. We have bases, weapon systems, and staff that we do not need. No more studies. No more committees. Just do it.

We duplicate in every aspect of life in DC. There are twelve different agencies that are involved in affordable housing. Count’em.TWELVE! These are little fiefdoms that have been created and have to go. This isn’t Tea Party. It is rational human beings that have said enough is enough.

From this day forward let’s just knock off the personal attacks. Let’s not keep complaining about what you have inherited if you are Obama. That story is four years old and very stale. Cut out the crap about getting the rich. Robin Hood died many years ago. Your populism sounds great to any one who is downtrodden or has sat on their ass dealing with dreams and fantasies.

If you are Romney let’s not say you will work with Congress in order to nail down the details. Give us your plan in depth. Your tax cuts don’t work as laid out. Your vagueness on what subsidies and loopholes you will do away with does nothing for me. Tell me what they are and you may very well earn my vote. Cut out the breaks for the wealthy. You all play the game the rich pay more. They do because they earn more and pay at a lower rate. The fair share is everybody.

So here it is. If you are over 60 and have done nothing whatsoever to plan for your retirement you have a tough road ahead of you. If you want to become a ward of the state so be it. But don’t expect that to be lollipops and roses. Sorry but you are owed nothing. If you haven’t taken care of yourself physically then I will tell you where the nearest track is. After a certain period of time do not expect extraordinary measures. We are not going to cure you at all costs.

If you are under 60 lower your standards. Forget the big house or the new car for now. Start saving. Everything does not have to come to you when you want it. How about needing it to survive but putting the rest on the back burner. No one said you have to have a better life than your parents. Get creative. Be industrious. Make do.

We have had tough times but let’s just stop bitching. It solves nothing. Whether you are rich or poor, get real. Life can be fun with the simplest of things. We don’t need the latest and greatest. When you have to wait or earn something it is going to feel better. Otherwise it is like a sugar hit. Feels great for a few minutes and then you are craving more. Haven’t done drugs but I am sure it is the same.

Wake up America. Deal with difficulty and don’t let any politician tell you he or she has the way out. I just haven’t see it yet. Just tell them “Just the facts Maam or Sir”. They’ll squirm. They will blather. They will stall. Hold their feet to the fire.

As Always

Ted The Great.

Just the Factoids:

Everyone does pay taxes. $1mill+ 29.1%, $50-75K..15% $40-50k 12.5%, $20-30K ..5.7%

There are $1 trillion per annum in exemptions and credits but most benefit higher earners. E.G the rate on interest earned is 15%.

1470 households making more than $1million in 2009 paid no taxes.

The Social Security surplus will be gone in 2033.

Medicare racks up $80 billion in fraud every year. The cost of our health system as a whole is $2.5 trillion which includes 30% in accounting and paperwork. In other countries the cost is 7-15%

We spend approx. $700 billion on defense. The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard all have their own air operations.

There are Fort Drums everywhere.

We admitted a man in his early fifties to Hospice tonight. He has incurable brain cancer. I rest my case.

I’m Confused…..

There are times when Ted’s Head just shorts out. Maybe it’s overload on my limited mental capacities. Maybe it is all the damage I have subjected it to over the years. Maybe it’s the screwballs I hang around with. Sometimes this world and its inhabitants just don’t make sense.

Obama says I feel your pain. That those bad rich guys are too far removed. Then he has a party given by the elite in Hollywood or New York to raise money. He took in about $5 million last year on book sales. He hates the banks for what they have done to us but welcomes Legs Dimon when he wants to have dinner or write a check. How can he feel your pain?

Romney doesn’t feel any pain. Even if he is a Mormon he must be on drugs. He has been running for president for the last decade and he still doesn’t have a good narrative on Bain Capital. How about money in the Caymans or in the vaults in Switzerland next to the chocolates? Did he or his brilliant campaign team think no one was going to bring this up?

I got a request for a contribution from the USOC to help our athletes. Who wouldn’t want to help some of the kids? But then it turns out there is a  $25,000 bonus if you win a gold medal. You can also get something from the relays and lastly the swimming or gymnastic foundation gives you a pop also. Missy Franklin could come home with $250,000 worth of bonus money if the NCAA lets her. Good for her but why am I donating….to amateur sports?

I am trying to figure out who is the best Olympian? A member of the Dream Team or that cat who was in the crew races? He lives in a landlocked country. The first time he saw a scull was two weeks ago. He huffed and puffed and made it through to the joy and cheers of thousands.

There was a gymnast from Ireland who had been told twice in his life he would never walk again. No money. No coach. His one adoring fan was his mom. They raised money by car washes and bake sales. He made it. He got through his routine and did not go on. But he did it. Kind of like hitchhiking through Ireland with a refrigerator. You would only know what I mean if you read the book.

In the real world, a guy in Vermont was so incensed with the local gendarmes that he drove his tractor over six or seven police cruisers. He was close to the Canadian border so he thought he could escape. I have to remind myself of my creed to feel no better nor worse than any other human beings. Smarter or dumber too?

Getting back to the asylum we call Washington how about the boys and girls taking a six week summer recess. You know times are slow. We really don’t have many problems to address. I forgot we can kick the can down the road. I really hate that phrase. They have to work on some new material. They have to work on a lot of things

Harry Reid says Mitt Romney is lying about his taxes. Of course Harry hasn’t released any of his own and doesn‘t have any evidence of Mitt‘s miscues. Same old, same old. Just throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks. Don’t confuse the issue with facts. I just realized John Boehner is in line to be president right after Joe Biden. That duo should help us all sleep better tonight.

Speaking of losing sleep. Our local baseball team, the Rockies are really bad. They have this thing for starting pitchers that they cannot throw more than 75 pitches. Doesn’t matter, they rarely get that far anyway. They fired the pitching coach but moved him upstairs. They moved the GM to another part of the building…away from the action. And they draw 40,000 fans a game. And you thought we were all dumb hicks here in the mountains?

My religion confuses me. I know what I believe. But the guys in the red hats don’t seem to be singing out of the same hymnal. I have to be good but they don’t. But my local church with a great priest and welcoming congregation is thriving. Come to think of it, it reminds me of our government. The guys in Washington have no clue but we are doing just fine here locally. Arrogant.Pompous. Opinionated.Out of touch with reality. Kind of fits for Popes,Presidents, Congress and top executives alike. Maybe I am not confused after all?

As always

Ted The Great


I am trying to help my neighbor and great friend to learn the game of golf. He wonders if it is all worth the aggravation. He sees people screaming and yelling and throwing clubs. He may be right and that is a factoid.

Take Diana Kroll who is a wonderful soulful singer on a balmy night in Denver at the Botanical Gardens with a glass of wine in one hand and my beautiful wife sitting next to me…..That is very cool and that is a factoid.

Liberals make the biggest fuss over our poor. But it is the conservatvies who give way more money to charity.– Although liberal families’ incomes average 6 percent higher than those of conservative families, conservative-headed households give, on average, 30 percent more to charity than the average liberal-headed household ($1,600 per year vs. $1,227).

— Conservatives also donate more time and give more blood.

We spent billions on this space flight to Mars. We spend next to nothing exploring our oceans. It is our least discovered frontier. I wonder if they will find that women are from Mars or Venus?