Walking and Talking…

This is #200 of Ted’s Head. That encompasses four years more or less of pondering. I have put out a lot of verbiage and I hope that some of it has made sense. I thank you all for reading and commenting but most of all just thinking. It’s what it is all about.

I have gone back through several topics I have written on to see if there aren’t some common threads among them. Partially to see if I am consistent in my words and moreover to ascertain if I have become redundant and monotone. Ergo boring. The jury is still out on this end.

Some of my vexations? Leadership or lack thereof.Whether it is business, government or church our management as a whole has been lackluster in its avoidance of doing the right thing. Everything is couched by money, power or ego.Consequential is the inability or lack of desire of people to get involved and speak out for what should mean so much to them. Wealth and power bugs me not by their very existence but for the arrogance and callousness they engender. Lastly is the victim. We are by our own hand responsible for what goes on in our lives. Every thing good or bad that happens is a result of a decision you made. No one else is to blame.

I hate what is going on with cops today. Just imagine if your whole day was spent with the dregs of society. Petty thieves or bank robbers. Drug lords or pimps. The most incredible domestic disputes that are blown up even moreso by booze or hallucinogenics.You are lied to constantly. Sometimes you are set up and ambushed. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. Not once in a while but constantly throughout too long a shift.Then a mayor gets voted in by piggy backing on populism and rabble rousing. That sucks.

I hate what is going on with blacks today. A ten to twelve year old kid did not ask to brought into such a broken world. Dad’s gone and Mom lives with a boyfriend who beats you. Or else she is working two or three jobs and the TV is the babysitter. Don’t sit close to the window or your ass may get shot up by a drive by. And the Sharptons and the Jacksons milk it for all it is worth rather than preaching to root out the culture of irresponsibility that perpetuates their meaning. And then some jerk tells me to pick myself up and make my way in life without a tinge of understanding. Really?

I love people with soul and a heart. There was a cop here in Denver who went to an emergency call for an old woman. He noticed the yard was in bad disrepair. He and his wife came back off hours and cut the lawn and trimmed the bushes.On another call a little boy was choking. Tragically he died and the father had no money. The attending cop paid for the funeral. Why? Some kids had bought he and his partner lunch a few months back.He thought it was only fair. There was a black kid in Seattle being hugged by a motorcycle cop. But I am sure you have heard all those stories.

I adore people who can cheer and sing. I think the choir in our church is fabulous because they offer a prayer that is so sweet but moreso sing with one voice.I get lost in revery when I hear a beautiful symphony or maybe Norah Jones belting out something right from the gut. I am humbled and grateful when someone tells me that my smile lights up a room. I grin and say hello to everyone I see and every so often a pretty girl smiles back.It is beyond wonderful to feel that somehow I have made someone’s day a little bit better.

I love to play with words and sometimes just let it rip. Puns are fun and most of the time the words just start flying out. My fingers can’t type fast enough. Some times it makes sense. Sometimes it doesn’t but I can tell you at all times it is 100% TTG. I may be harsh or obscene but it is not for effect. It is what’s going on inside and I can’t edit that out.

I am off on a variety of projects. On a personal as well as public side some things need fixing and some need a new creative look. I am going to be more involved in Hospice to try to pave the way for people to understand it better. I am also working with a close friend to help caregivers in their lot. Unless you are on the front lines you can’t even fathom the stress they have. Their souls and psyches need someone to be their champion.

The Denver Post put out an editorial on an upcoming piece of legislation that serves Death With Dignity. A form of legal suicide. I am against it. I wrote to our state senator and told her of my experience and she nicely blew me off. She had all the experts and polls she needed. Let the chips fall where they may but the process has really pissed me off. You can see my letter to the editor below.

To make it short and sweet I am going to take a few weeks off. Not so much a sabbatical but a fresh look at things. I will be debating the future of Ted’s Head as to content and regularity. I am going to go out and try to get things done. I am going to walk the walk and talk the talk of all my ramblings. How can I tell you to get your ass in gear if my tush is sitting behind this desk? Be back soon with new tales to tell

As always
Ted The Great

The Denver Post wrote an pro editorial calling for the option of legal suicide. My reply.

“The terminally ill already have an option. It is called hospice.Death is not a medical procedure for us but a process of life as  being born is also a process. We use no artificial means to keep a person alive. Their life passes as their body shuts down its systems in a very natural and most would agree beautiful way. 

As we mess with life in so many ways from genetics to replacing body parts and sustaining life by artificial means we are indeed on slippery slope. What you are really advocating here is ending life by artificial means. You say that under the guise of “Coloradans esteem independence and free choice.” Speak for yourself please. 

As a volunteer in hospice I could not have more compassion for Mr. Selsberg and his family. We have had ALS patients, Alzheimer patients, cancer and the like. If the bill’s proponents want to see “death with dignity” I would invite them to come out and spend a shift with me. They might have  a different viewpoint. 

Sooner or later science and self determination will go too far if it hasn’t already. Then the genie will truly be out of the bottle. 

Ted Kenny
Volunteer, Porter Hospice”

The people at Channel9 here in Denver were desperate for a filler piece. See the following

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