Ted’s Head is  simply an average Joe’s thinking about the world. I am irreverent and hopefully a little zany. I don’t ascribe to any particular political affiliation. My readers are ordinary people who don’t necessarily agree with me but who like being nudged to think about this world we inhabit. Hope you enjoy

Ted The Great

PS. The Ted The Great part is actually a spoof on my mucky muck friends. Without title or resume I called one of my buddies and his secretary rather indignantly asked who I was. I said Ted. She said Ted who? Ted The Great popped into my mind and now you know the rest of the story.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family!! I am in New York City for Christmas, but hope to see Jay and Andy in Denver on Jan 3 on my way back to Desert Mountain.

    I know you will have a wonderful, busy Christmas with all the grandkids, enjoy!

  2. Congrats on your retirement. God is great. Life is good. Tonight we head to the Lighthouse for a Christmas Eve sunset service and then to midnight mass. On balmy nights (not too many recently) I too light up a good cigar and sip a large glass of Chilean cabernet (my friends call it swill) and gaze at the heavens. Tuesday morning I got up at 3:00AM to watch the full eclipse of the moon – couldn’t miss something that hasn’t happened on the Winter Solstace since 1638. Once in a lifetime events I can sacrifice a little sleep. The cigar and swill were particularly good that night. Live life joyfully is my mantra. Its been a good life. I love Jeannine as much today as I did the day I met her. We both have been blessed with good health and great kids (no grandkids yet). I enjoyed your Christmas Blog. Look forward to more. So on this Christmas Eve Jeannine and I wish you and Kathy a very Merry Christmas! Warmest personal regards, P&J

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