Arrogance:noun .Offensive display of superiority or self importance.

 Arrogance is one of my most hated traits in an individual especially myself. Sure the world is full of it but I really don’t get the need for it. Being a student and deeply involved in the psychology of man, I find it beyond intriguing.

 One only has to look at the world of politics, religion, business, sports, clubs. You name it. It is there. Surprisingly it is really a manifestation of insecurity. The classic question of “Do you know who I am?” bespeaks one who has an inordinate need for validation.

I have really tried to live my life by Ted’s Golden Rule. No one is any better or any worse than I am. Sure I am imperfect at it but I don’t really live in awe of anyone. I am fascinated by groupies of all realms. I love it when someone wants their picture taken with someone. The ultimate idiot act is getting an autograph. I just don’t get it.
How is arrogance manifested? Let’s take politicians. Someone recently went to various offices “of the people”. He went with the simple request for an meeting with his local political hack. Just an ordinary American. Sorry you lose. Not one would respond.
Then he took the trouble to register as a lobbyist. Nothing particular in his title except that he might have favor to curry. Low and behold he was granted an audience with 47% of the congress people. He was now acceptable because he had something worthwhile for these pompous asses.
High flyers in the world of commerce and finance fly in private jets, get picked up in limousines, have private washrooms and sumptuous offices because it is in keeping with their position in life.
 They belong to super private clubs, don’t want to see anyone else on their golf course, and above all keep everything at the ready. One multibillionaire keeps all of his many houses stocked with flowers, food and staff year round on the slim chance he will drop in for a day or two.
One of my favorites is the world of religion. Whether you are the Archbishop of Canterbury, Grand Poobah or the Pope there is glitz and pomp the likes of which no one has ever seen. Imagine the vicar of Christ dressed in ermine and Gucci shoes, living on palatial grounds and palaces and granting a private audience if you have influence. Beats me how this relates to the son of a carpenter.


Think it is just the big timers. Think again. Look at your local club and fellow golfer. He takes as much time as he wants. Shows up late. Lines up every shot perfectly and then could care less if he steps in your line. Yells at the caddy, ignores the shoe shine guy, and talks of incompetence in the staff.
Airports, stores, sidewalks. So many people are saying get out of my way. I am more important than you. I am late because it makes a statement. My time is more important than yours. No, I don’t know who you are and I could care less.
Humility n. modesty. An uninflated opinion of one’s self and worth.
As I look at the definition the words truthful or reality come to mind. If you are comfortable in your own skin why do you need someone to be at your beck and call? Why the need to put people down? Do you really have to have people cowtow to you? Does that really make you feel better?
Look, everyone likes to be recognized or to feel like they matter in the world. That is human nature. But try to visualize yourself as an entity without all the accoutrements. Strip away your wealth, your power, your staff and just stand on your own.
 Don’t ask if you know who I am? Ask if you are deserving of respect as a person. Imagine people don’t know who you are. That is the true test of a man or woman.

 The nature of the Franciscan friar is one that does not call attention to himself. His poverty is not a hair shirt but a gift. The abbeys of old were places to work and pray for the common good. Oh yeah, they got together at meals to sing and enjoy each other’s company. What a horrible way to live.

 I am not perfect nor do I purport to be. Yes I know it is hard to believe but there are times when I am a true pain in the ass just like the rest of you. But I also know which way I am aiming. Who’s your role model? Donald Trump?  Your big time sports star? How about Fr. Michael of the Samaritan Shelter?


My grandkids call me Padge which is short for Padre. It’s got a nice ring to it. I only hope I can even come close to living  up to all that it entails.

As Always

Ted The Great


 Factoid: Each one of these Tomahawk missiles we are flinging around cost $1.4 million. By my count we have fired off 118 so far. Someone said we should take all of Gaddafhi funds we have locked up and use them to pay for them. Good Idea

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