Ted’s Head…No Wonder I Am Bald

Someone asked me the other day what my blog is about. I said that I wished I could tell them. I literally have hundreds of ideas floating around my little Irish brain. My poor wife will ask me as we are driving what in God’s name is going through my mind? Now or twenty seconds ago?

Some things are more than obvious. Over the last few weeks I could dedicate my creative time to the National Debt, the Congress, the President, Syria, Somalia, space, nature, catastrophes, Muslims, healthcare, God, friends, Tiger Woods, hospice and Wall Street. That was easy.

I am currently reading “Money Driven Medicine,” “Bought and Paid For” by Charlie Gasparino, “Unbroken” and “The Jesuit’s Guide to Just About Everything,” I watch all the Sunday talk shows on tape and PBS News every Evening. I especially like Brooks and Shields on Fridays and try to tape Charlie Rose most nights.

I try to spend some of my time talking to young people. I want to hear their dreams as well as their problems. I take them on to try and help as well as learn. I am fascinated by how many times our lives are parallel and how often we are worlds apart. I have to constantly remind myself that there are many roads to travel to get to the same point.

I find myself planning more and more. This is not my forte. I usually figure what is going to happen in my day about twenty minutes before I have to do it. Some of my greatest buddies plan weeks, months even years ahead. That sort of panics me.

As you get older you have to plan. I know many of you are well heeled and your biggest worry is to keep breathing. I know some of you are young enough where planning is a waste of time. But basically I just want to figure out a game plan for the next thirty years. There is longevity in the family but Kathy is hoping that gene therapy will have totally different result. I am hiring a taster.

Physically I want to be in decent enough shape to be able to play golf with my grandkids into their late teens early twenties. I want to dance at their weddings or at least not be drooling in a corner. I was doing cannon balls off the diving board a few weeks ago to the delight of the grandkids. So we will see.

I want to have enough money to make sure we are comfortable. We all might have a different concept of comfortable but Kathy and mine is pretty simple. We have three or four world trips we want to take and be able to pay for them. Cars are just transportation right now. We are not really into making a statement.

I hope I go out of our house feet first. Kathy and I have had 29 real estate closings in forty years of marriage. I think I would be really pushing it with one more. The grandkids seem to dig it. They all have their own personal water guns provided by yours truly. The front porch will always be there day and night. Life is good.

When I am at a dinner I always like to ask the qestion of people as to how old they feel? The answers are interesting. Me? I literally feel like I am in my late thirties ,early forties. Kathy says some times  I act like a two year old. I hope so.

Ted’s Head thinks about life, love, the world and of course all of you. It really humbles me that people would think I have something to say. I really try not to play to the audience but speak what is on my mind.

Someone said I was a screaming liberal. Someone said I was way too conservative. A few of you have said I am thoughtful. Some have said I raise something in their soul. I hope a little of all of the above is true.

I hope you will strike back if you feel offended. I hope you bring me down if I pontificate. I hope as always that I just get you to think. In my writing as in other things I think all the time. It is my way of being alive. My way of being real. Thank you all for being part of it.

As Always

Ted The Great


This is the 37th edition of Ted’s Head.

There are about 110 hardy souls that read it on a regular basis. I hope if you are committed due to severe brain damage they will still let you have a computer.

There are just under 4,000 hits so far in our little journey together. Just bring it up. You don’t have to read it. It’s good for the stats.

There have been 27 comments on the blog. I love them so keep them coming. Except for the guy that keeps booing from the cheap seats. Just kidding.

Always feel free to pass it along. Especially anonymously. I understand

3 thoughts on “Ted’s Head…No Wonder I Am Bald

    • JD:
      Great to hear from you. I am trying hard to get people to think. Every one of us has got to get into it. Say Hi to Joan. d oyou two still go to the bar in New Hyde Park. Thx for your thoughts.

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