This and That II

My wife as always questions my sanity. Unfortunately a lot of others do also. But there really is a method to my madness. I just happen to have about 17 thoughts going on at the same time. I still haven’t figured out if my train of thought is a high speed bullet or a switching engine in the yard. Oh well.

Health: We went to the ball park on Saturday. A very full figured couple was sitting in front of us. He was eating a corn dog and she had a plate of fried something with powdered sugar on top. That was bettered in the fourth inning by a big plate of nachos laden with melted Velveeta cheese. But spare them criticism. They were washing it down with Coors Light.

Now you can do whatever you want with your body. It’s the American way. But when this couple checks into the hospital a few years from now with diabetes, clogged arteries or high blood pressure will they say “I screwed up?”….or will they just whip out their Medicare or insurance card and say “Heal me!” Either way you and I are being screwed.

Money: While watching the ballplayers, there was the Rockies third baseman who bats around .270. He is considered a bargain because he only makes $2 million a year. Then there was Troy Tulowitzki who makes $15 million. If you think about it, his one year salary is like being paid $250,000 a year for 60 years. Rush makes $50 million per year. Hmmmm.

Working at it: Practice makes perfect. My young priest buddy was commenting on what it takes to be a good Catholic or any religion for that matter. Do you just listen to what the higher ups say and if you agree with them, you will be saved ? Or do you really work at it. Questioning, thinking and trying to get it right. I am wondering if the same holds true in being a husband, a father, an American? I think so.

Golf: The game of golf is more than interesting. If you know my swing you know why. But you know what? It usually lands in the fairway. What’s better is just watching your fellow players. You can learn a lot about a person in 18 holes. How does he handle success? Adversity?

Is it a walk in the sun or a testosterone test? You have the club announcer? After every great shot he proudly calls out in amazement what club he hit. The bad ones …well you know I was distracted by you picking your nose. How well do you treat the caddy or bag boy? Especially if you have had a bad day.

Enter the scraper. He hits his putt within four feet and picks it up with disdain that he didn’t get a birdie or par. Ahem! Didn’t you forget something? Oh you know, “I always make those.” No wonder his handicap is low. And of course the cheat. User of the leather wedge. Let him go. It ain’t worth the effort.

Jobs,Jobs,Jobs:  Cure to joblessness. Dog Grooming. We don’t own a dog now and when we did, Mason the Wonder Dog was never coiffed. But we were watching Mr. Magoo for our neighbors and of course I forgot to bring him for his appointment. I casually called and they said to call back In three days and they would see if they could work him in. I then proceeded to call every pooch salon in the Yellow Pages and was told by one, she was not taking on any new clients. Puuulease. It’s a friggin’ dog!

Sweets: Ice cream maker. I am really getting carried away with this. At first it was for the grandkids. Now I am a mad scientist. I can put Bailey’s, Meyers Rum, Cookies, raisins or chocolate chips in just about anything. I have mixings to freezer down to about 30 minutes. Cleanup is another story.

Medical Waste: A friend told me this morning that he had heart problems and was kept over night for observation and a procedure. Total bill: $51,000. I work in a home where one wing is hospice and the other is senior critical care. The hospice people know when they are leaving. The old folks just linger on, staring into space. I guess this is what you call Quality of Life.

Anniversary: The 9/11 anniversary that is looming. My daughter was married on 9/15. We were in Colorado. I used to walk every day through the WTC. I knew 21 of those poor souls that perished. I watched the TV screen in my living room overlooking the turning aspens as many of their pictures flashed by. One was Fred Kelly who sat next to me on the trading desk for many years. Two others I had given their first job on Wall Street.

We were all one no matter where we were. People stayed in their homes. We prayed for survivors not vengeance in those early days. Flags flew everywhere. Tears flowed easily. We hugged. We talked. The skies were silent. Where did those days go? Will we ever be one again? Will it be too late?

As Always

Ted The Great


The Fed made emergency loans during the financial crisis to several banks totaling $1.2 trillion dollars. Unbeknownst to any one. That’s roughly the same amount involved in 6.5 million delinquent mortgages.

Tom Brady makes $31 million a year. His super model wife beats him out by earning $45 million per year. I can’t throw a football so I better lose weight. Look out Fabio.

62 % of American households own a pet. There 86 million cats and 78 million dogs. Last year we spent as a nation $50.84 billion on pet care.

We pay the members of congress approximately $235,000 of salary and benefits per year. In the last 10 years, this is up 89%. The rate of inflation has been 26% over that time period.


It costs US $ 5.21 mill to run the majority and minority leaders offices in the Senate. $5.07 million to run the Speaker of the House offices. We spend $94 mill in printing costs. The chaplain’s office in the House costs $179,000. The Senate chaplain’s office is funded at $415,000. Go figure.

3 thoughts on “This and That II

  1. Money, under the guise of our “constitutional freedom,” has corrupted the whole game in DC.
    We must pass a constitutional amendment restricting it’s use.
    It is a sewer and we are drowning in it.

  2. TTG…informative and entertaining post, as usual, EXCEPT for the doggie part. SLD2 was personally offended. Your comment “Puuulease. It’s a friggin’ dog!” was so hurtful that she had to be scheduled for an entire spa day to re-compose…mani / pedi / bikini wax / hair cut & style…the works. I ‘m thinking about sending the bill to Williams Street.

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