Dear Leo

I hope you don’t mind me shortening Leonardo to Leo. It’s kind of what we do today. The past is old hat. We think we are beyond smart. Wish you were here to show them what real thinking is all about.

I just returned from a trip back east. I love Denver and couldn’t wait to get back here. Sort of my Milan after visiting Rome. Just like days of old there were villas and monuments to me, everywhere I went back there.

There were orators both in New York and Washington. Nothing has changed. They love to go to the Forums and BS. They don’t really say anything new. Just rehashing the samo samo. It’s like our new version of the Dark Ages.

I couldn’t help but think of your maxim of “Curiositae”. You know the part where you question everything. You look at a problem from three different sides. Not looking for the most popular answer. Just the one that makes most sense.

These guys look at one side. It been the same for decades. They know it by heart. They ascend to thrones. Think the monarchy is dead? No way. They just take turns being kings and queens. Backchannels by those out of favor? Machiavelli would have field day. He could become what they call a spin doctor. Or even better a lobbyist.

Hey, I know you played to the Medicis and the other swells because that was the way to survive. You thought they were idiots but what the hell? You could be brilliant in the back room and then make them think it was their idea. Very clever, mon ami. Oops I mean amico.

There are a lot of city states these days. You know the old fiefdom bit. They all vie for power and independence until they realize how many lira it takes to run these shows. Then they want all the taxes they pay to Rome as it were, to come back to them. They shuffle the decks and the vaults are running dry.

There are plenty of cats like the Borgias and Medicis. Some have class. Some don’t. There is this dude called, “The Donald”. You would have to meet him to believe him. All in all, they think the rest of the country are peasants. Ignore them. Use them. Let them eat cake. Sorry.wrong century.

I really try to look at things in the Forum with “Sensazione”, using all my faculties to try to understand this thing we call government. Smell? That’s a problem. Sometimes I think everything stinks. Taste? A lot of bad ones. Sight? This is really getting ugly. Touch? A lot of greasy slimy things. Hearing? Why didn’t you invent earplugs? Be still my heart. We now have a thing called TIVO.

I think I will spend the rest of my day working on “Connesione”. That place where I realize and appreciate that all things are connected and dependant. If I remember correctly, we can achieve who we are at our greatest potential by interacting and cooperating.

I really believe we all have our innate talents and abilities. The problem now is that we are all Lone Rangers. Sorry, that is a twenty first century metaphor for selfish. I am not sure we are bad as much as worried that we kind of crawl up in a cocoon. Man if we could just get everyone pulling on the oar at the same.

The strangest part is while publicos are warring there is the hint of optimism with the young. They are going to make do. They will blaze a new trial. Change of mind and spirit is not alien to them. They are not so afraid of new ideas.

I did have one particular bit of fun on my journey. I made it a point to reach out to every stranger I could. I tried to make them laugh. I tried to hear what they were saying. I tried to make them the most important person in the world at that time. And they responded. They lit up. They smiled. One check out clerk in a grocery store was luaghing so hard I almost saw tears. I almost had the feeling no one had been that way to them before. You would have loved it,

Sorry to take up so much time. I know you have a lot of thinking to do. I do too. I want to be alone with my thoughts but on the other hand I have to try to reach out to others. I am not the cat’s meow but I pray I can resonate in some way. A lot of them won’t understand. I just hope a few do.

Ciao bella

Ted The Great

Things that don’t make sense:

We put people in jail for kicking dogs and cats. We teach our kids to step on spiders and ants to kill them.????

The Kardashians.

Getting a dog for the hell of it. Having kids for the hell of it.

Spending $500 on dinner Saturday night and $5 in the collection plate on Sunday.

Sean Hannity. Keith Olberman. Nancy Grace. Ozzie Osborne. The Vatican.

Being for abortion and against capital punishment. And vice versa.

When you ask for a 7:00 PM reservation and all they have is 6:45 or 7:15.

Failing at suicide and then saying, “Please don’t tell my wife”. Actually happened in Pittsburgh.

NOTE: I am going to try to set up some sort of forum or chat room. Several have asked for it. More to come.

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