By The Beautiful Sea

There is something so fascinating about coastal waters. There is a vastness that can’t be described as they are viewed from horizon to horizon. They are an enigma. Their blue reflection hides the mysterious and glorious wonders beneath. There is the feeling of glass. Of comfort. Of change. Of constancy.

She is a fickle one, this lady we call mer. She can go from a gentle mother to a raging hag in a matter of moments. Calm Ripples to thirty foot cascades of thunder and violence. Do not take me for granted. Do not try to tame me. Use me but keep your respect.

As one travels beyond the sight of land there is a loneness that is comforting. Away from everyday life there is a serenity unmatched. The occasional fellow traveler happened upon, nods and moves on by. Silently going about their particular business. None of yours.

The abyss takes on form. There is a rhythm to the waves. They are gatekeepers to more. Looking down there is all manner of life from minute to brazen. You are on their turf now. Superman you are not. There is a different pecking order here and you are not on top.

As land masses draw near there are sights and sounds. Too far to have substance but it is a new part of the story. The sands are the same whether Hawaii, the Hamptons or Madagascar. They draw people and life to their borders.

Melancholy brings special trips back to life. A crowded beach as a boy. Digging to China wherever that was. The oncoming tide provided water for the tunnels. Destruction for the castles. It let you know that life and possessions are transient. It reminded you to be creative and able to start over again.

Long walks with special friends. The breeze and the pounding surf seemed to open your mind while cleansing it. You looked out over the vast expanse. You shared innermost thoughts. The time seemed right for a first kiss. It was just the two of you.

There is such an escape at the beach. There are no cars. No busses. No trains. A lone piston fired plane tows a well worked message. “Happy Hour at The Barge”. Come on down. A dune provides a perch. The cranes and crabs perform daily. No Cover. Stay as long as you want.

I have often wondered just how many millions of miles of beaches there are. Some warm and basking. Some chilled by a North wind.

There are bathers. There are fisherman. There are soldiers on sentry. The sands are pristine. They are polluted. A microcosm of our world.

Back on the sea there is commerce. Bringing goods. Fuel for thirsty nations. Contraband of all sorts. Deadly arms. Piracy. Humanitarian cargoes. Human cargoes too. I wonder if she shakes her head. Furrows her brow. So much good. So much bad. She looks wistfully afar at her domain.

I love the sea although I am landlocked. I nurture the memory. I welcome the return. There is a siren’s call. A fragrance so sweet. She shakes her tousled hair. She gives you a wink. A welcome back smile that says she has missed you. A comfort you cannot compare.

As always

Ted The Great


The oceans are 71% of our earth. 140million square miles.

The average depth is 12,200 feet. The ocean ridges are part of a chain that is 40,000 mile long. Highest peak is Mauna Kea in Hawaii. It is 33,474 feet off the ocean floor. 13,000 above water.

We have explored only 10% of the ocean. The oceans contain 20 million tons of gold. 80% of the world’s population lives within 60 miles of an ocean.

The Monterey Canyon off California is deeper and larger than the Grand Canyon.

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