Aside: Have I Told You Lately…….

If you have never heard Van Morrison’s, “Have I told You Lately That I love You” or if you haven’t heard it in awhile, Google it.It’s great to listen to or to sing in the car or whatever strange people like me do. It let’s your mind wander and then come back to the marvelous lilt of the chorus. Good stuff.

The fun part of the song is that it could be to God(which many people believe it is), to your lover, child or maybe even your self. Not narcissism in the last sense but a little pat on the back that maybe no one else is giving you. Go ahead. I won’t tell.

It is interesting to watch someone like Morrison evolve. He was born in Northern Ireland and he and I have punished 66 years. He probably has an ego but his compositions don’t expose that. He is soulful and open. He writes in a train of thought. Wonder why I love it?

I am working with a friend on a project that delves into human emotion and how we translate that into communication of sorts. As poor old Ted’s Head goes poring through my ups and downs of life, I see the human condition craves for honesty and openness and yet we are so afraid to do so.

We harbor fears and guilt. Some merited. Some just stupid things locked up for days, months and years. We think no one will ever love me if they know this or that. We opine that no one has ever gone through this before and yet we are all prisoners of the same trepidations.

We pay psycho docs hundreds of dollars per hour just to spill our guts. But that is just because he won’t tell anyone. We get a trainer at the gym and spend most of the time talking about ourselves inside and not our bodies. I used to hit balls at the back end of the driving range at Desert Mountain. A golf teacher used  to give his lessons there. I asked this guy if he was a psychologist or teacher. He said, “Both. But don’t tell anyone, okay?”

Guys don’t talk openly. “What do I want to talk about that touchy feely shit for?” It really makes them uneasy. They cop out and call it weak. It takes more strength than they know. Women talk but only to other women. They feel persecuted. Both feel their side is more than willing to talk. The marriage ends because “He or she doesn’t understand me”. No kidding.

This thing called love is most of all trust. I may have said this before. My Alzheimer’s can’t go back through 60 blogs and not repeat myself.  When we meet someone we like, we spend hours talking and getting to know each other. We look for common interests. Can’t get enough. Then we  get married and move about our business. Sorry. Too busy. Catch you later honey. Gotta go.  I think we are exhibiting a little cold feet here. Don’t want them to get too close.  Jeez, he or she may not love me.

Love says here I am warts and all. I will give but expect nothing in return. I trust you will not burn me or reject me for my failings. But most of all I will ACCEPT you for who you are. You are not a work in progress, I do not love you because if I can just change two or three things you will be perfect. I love You because you are You.Not in spite of you.

Give without holding back. Take that concept and apply it to God. Very cool.  How about friends? Country? It’s getting better.  What about your spouse or significant other? Not just a peck on the cheek but a good long kiss. Look in their eye and say “I love you.” Wow TTG! You are losing it.

Look I am not saying I have it down pat. Kathy will be the first of many to tell you how badly I fall short. But at least I have a target and I have a saying, “If you don’t aim high, you don’t hit high.” I guess what I am really saying is don’t sell yourself short. Don’t lose great opportunities for love and friendship because you are afraid to go outside the lines. Be open not closed. Sure you have a lot of crap in there. Don’t we all?

I was about to say I am sorry for being such a cornball. But no, that is me. I have had a great week of human interaction. I hope people have opened a little to me and I to them. I am learning from Tebow. Say what you want, the kid is real…and refreshing. He is honest to a fault. Not just in football but in life.

We here inhabitants of Denver are a mile high right now. The pulse of this city is vibrant and carefree. “Let’s just have fun and maybe prove them wrong. But enjoy the ride.” Around here it is not only football but a way of life. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.  And that feels pretty good.

Have I told you lately that I love you? Probably not but I am now.

As always

Ted The Great


Have I Told You Lately  Partial Lyrics

——Van Morrison

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there’s no one above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles, that’s what you do

How many different applications could you have?

I just looked up “self help” books on Amazon. There were 138,549 results. There’s  even a website to help pick the right one.

Secret. Adjective:

1.Kept hidden from knowledge or view; concealed.

2.Dependably discreet.

3.Operating in a hidden or confidential manner: a secret agent.

4.Not expressed; inward: their secret thoughts.

We spent $7.17 billion on psychotherapy last year. We spent overall $2.3 trillion on medicine. I am not sure what the hell this factoid means but I thought it was interesting. Pax.

One thought on “Aside: Have I Told You Lately…….

  1. TTG…I’ll bet Kathy’s pleased she stayed around to see how you turned out…I sure am…love you too! As always, nice writing. I can feel Gene Amole and Andy Rooney perching each on a shoulder whispering “Way to go TTG.”

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