Driving Me Nuts……

“Summertime and the livin is easy”….well almost. I really am betwixt and between. Part of me wants to just put my feet up and set life on automatic. The weather is just perfect and the front porch continues to beckon whether it’s coffee in the morn or a glass of red and a cigar in the afternoon. Maybe I ought to reverse that order.

More than a couple of you worried about me last week. You thought I should be put on a suicide watch. Au contraire mon amis and amies. Just because the idiots running the asylum are incompetent at best, does not call for slashed wrists. Actually it just gets my engine revving more. But for now it is a kinder gentler me.

As you read this Junior Golf is starting. I have four of the grandkids in it this year. Three assemble from far and wide and stay with Gammy and Padge Tuesday night. We pick up the fourth at 7:15 AM Wednesday and we are off in the “Padgemobile”. Actually, Aiden wants to stencil that on the side of my car and put a big PEACE symbol on the hood. The kid may have potential yet.

Speaking of golf I have gone over to the dark side or on second thought the bright side. I played golf with Kathy and two of her cute friends last week, much to the hooting and howling of the peanut gallery in the men’s grill.

Now some of you are rational I hope. We played in 3:40 with two of us walking. Would you rather see a beautiful woman over a putt or one of my slug friends? They don’t fart and belch to speak of and at the end of the round they give you a big hug and a kiss. What’s wrong with that picture?

It so happened Kathy and I played on Sunday with another gal and a young lad of 11 years young. It seems he is the reigning 10 and under champ of Colorado and sports a 10 handicap…and plays to it. On the par 3 Fifth hole he put his ball on the green quite methodically. This is now starting to get a little unnerving.

TTG grimaced over the ball but managed with my ever classic swing to put it soundly on the short green stuff with a six iron bridging the 167 some odd yards. It started rolling towards the cup and in typical Tiger fashion I bent over to pick up my tee thinking I would have good chance at a birdie two. I then hear the young’un yell “It just went in the cup.” I couldn’t see that far so I had to trust his steely vision. On arriving at the putting surface there was no ball on the green but a peek inside the cup revealed my Srixon 3. A Hole In One. How about that?

I finished the round with a respectable 83. That followed one of the ugliest rounds of my life on Saturday with a generous 93. Which was preceded by a 40 for nine holes on Friday. You wonder why I think I am going crazy? I then proceeded to buy drinks at the bar and have too many vodka and diet tonics in a pint glass and life was good. Say good night, Ted.

Why all this rambling? I really have so many ways to travel. Life and its people are a mystery to me. That’s not confounding but a real joy. I love to “Ponder the Imponderables.” A good friend called me a lefty last week. I didn’t take it personally. As a matter of fact I loved it because it shows that most of the time people don’t have a clue where I am coming from. Not sure I do either.

I just want to hit life head on. I want to speak out but with some degree of purpose. I hope you do too. There are things wrong but they are not insurmountable. Another friend is apoplectic about the future of the world. He is sure we are headed to economic ruin. Maybe we are but I would sure as hell like to try and stop it rather than sitting here waiting for it to come.

I watched an interview with Charlie Rose and Larry Fink who is CEO of the investment firm Blackstone. It was one of the best I have seen on current day problems but also with thoughts on mending them. It’s the type of conversation I wish our leaders of all stripes would have. I recommend you take 40 minutes and watch it.

And so I will keep bouncing from nirvana to neurosis. It’s good for the soul. And when Kathy says I am driving her nuts I will point out to my sweet that for her it  is a putt not a drive.

As always
Ted The Great

Odds of having a hole in one…about one in 12,000 for an average golfer.

Days on which most occur..Friday Least on Sunday Dunno why.

The average golf score is 100 and has been that way for decades.
It has not changed despite changes in balls, equipment and course design.

Charlierose.com 5/31/2012 Larry Fink. While you are at it 5/30/2012 Donald Rumsfeld…have a drink ready for that one.
6/1/2012 Buch Harmon

2 thoughts on “Driving Me Nuts……

  1. Congrats on your hole in one Ted. BP forewarned me.
    Does that tie you with Kathy or are you still behind her?
    Hit ’em straight and keep philosophizing.

  2. Way to go T.S. I had my 2rd one in the last year a couple of weeks ago and it concrete proof that even a hacker can get lucky once in a while. Best to Kathy.

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