Reverie,Resumes and Roadkill…..

Yours truly has just descended from 8,000 feet to 5280 in his snappy new Lesbaru. That politically incorrect appellation for my vehicle of choice is the result of the penchant of women in Colorado who like women for driving an Outback. I also like women so I can’t be far off. Pass the granola while I put on my Birkenstocks.

I was in Vail to visit my crazy nephew and his family. We played golf with a gentleman from Florida. That is the only time “gentleman” has been mentioned in the same sentence with Paul and me. It takes a Flatlander to remind us of just how gorgeous our mountains are. We too often take the vistas for granted. Not today.

I have made the Vail drive hundreds of times and every bend and yaw is second nature. For two hours each way it is just a time to sit back and let a thing called reverie take over. I actually listened to NPR on the way up and as usual I learned plenty from this sick bastion of liberalism! Not! Sorry kids. This is a rarity of tax dollars well spent.

They played a repeat of an interview with Charlie Rose and Sir Ken Robinson. They discussed creativity and the good possibility our educational system is stifling it to death. We have placed a premium on being correct as opposed to taking chances. Testing ad nauseam, we gauge knowledge on percentages and not expanded brainpower. Point being if you don’t experiment you don’t learn.
More fascinating was a comment the guest made about how improbable resumes are. He wanted to be a soccer player in college. As I wended my way through the vast landscapes of the Gore Range I dwelled on who would have thunk this kid from Long Island would be here today. The twists and turns of Cripple Creek were truly a metaphor. Flowing smoothly in spots and hung up on rapids and rock crags in others they aptly describe my curriculum vitae. I hope yours has been as intriguing.

I have had a marvelous few days. I have not read a newspaper or tuned in Fox or CNN. Eavesdropping and Syria have taken a back seat. Saturday I sang in the choir with a might of a man named Kevin. His basso profundo dwarfed my baritone but he was an incredibly gentle man. We talked of fatherhood and simplicity. I am new at this joint sing performance and I make mistakes. But like any other good family they pick me up, dust me off and say hang in there. Good stuff.

Father’s Day started with breakfast shared with my daughter Lindsey where we just spent time together in a world caught up by kids and errands. The food and the commentary were smooth and sweet. Golf with my son soon followed. His once or twice yearly outing to the links yielded a smooth 78 proving once again heredity plays no part in his wonderful skills. A drink with Megan and a family dinner just validated what a lucky person I am.

I have done my “Hi, how are you?” gig today. I chatted with the barristas at Starbucks in Vail. I went beyond a hit and run meeting with a convenience store clerk in Frisco. Turns out he was from Uzbekhistan. Talk about an improbable resume? I just want to take a little time to tell people they are an important part of the world we live in and mine in particular. I counted up all the encounters today and you know it wasted a grand total of 9 minutes of my incredibly valuable time. What the hell was I thinking?

The only negative of my wandering has been an inordinate amount of roadkill. It’s spring and I guess the leaves on the trees mark the time when love is in the air. Why else would a buck or elk take on a 40 foot semi? I guess love is blind. Actually a momma goose was herding her flock across the interstate. By some stroke of luck or timing the cars and Winnebagos slowed down enough to ensure a safe passage. I wonder if that would have happened on the Long Island Expressway?

I have to go. I am spending my afternoon with two of my grandsons. They want Padge to do a cannon ball off the diving board and I may just be mellow enough to do it. Kathy and I are going the Denver Botanical Gardens tonight to watch Tony Bennett in a small outdoor amphitheater. I will raise a glass of red to all of you. You are so good to be close and take a few moments to read my musings. Luck plays such an important part in our lives but let’s hope a little goodness has something to do with it. Pax.

As always
Ted the Great
Sunrises and sunsets in the mountains take place in stages. First there is the wisp of sunlight on distant peaks that gradually broadens as the minutes pass eventually engulfing the entire hillside. Replay that same scenario in reverse in the evening until the last shaft of light hits the top of that hill.

Mountains and rivers actually laugh. They have seen man’s act over thousands of years and are constantly amazed we haven’t learned more in all these millennia.

The winter snow of Vail melts and feeds the Colorado River which in turn feeds millions in Nevada, Utah and California on its trip to Mexico.

According to Department of Labor statistics the average American will totally change careers 4- 5 times but 7 is not out of the question. For once I am above average.

In 1970 Kathy Williamson and Ted Kenny, then engaged stood on a hill in San Francisco the night before we said good bye before my time in Viet Nam. After far too many drinks we sang I Am Coming Home to You San Francisco. We did and sang it again tonight 43 years later.

9 thoughts on “Reverie,Resumes and Roadkill…..

    • John: Great to hear from you. Life is good I am a little worried about you and T. This bullshit about a joint cigarbox is a little scary. Are you guys dating? I always thought the round mound of rebound was a little on the edge but YOU? Regardless of your indiscretions as they may appear you do haveto reload the box because last week I took anything remaining home for my personal supply. XXOO TTG


  1. Your prose has gotten better with each issue of Ted’s Head. That being said, never has your prose been so poetic as it was in this installment of what is becoming a truly noteworthy read. Kudos and thank you.

    From your loving, idiot son-in-law,


    Sent from my iPhone

    • Thank you so much big guy. Love you. Call before youleave tomorrow if oyu get a chance. Just want to wish you a Bon Voyage in real time Lots of love Your idiot faher in law TTG


  2. TTG ; Once again , an engaging piece ! Though I’ve not matched your leaps and bounds hopefully a similar core of constancy has sustained BG

  3. This made me think of you:

    Take wrong turns. Talk to strangers. Open unmarked doors. And if you see a group of people in a field, go find out what they are doing. Do things without always knowing how they’ll turn out. You’re curious and smart and bored, and all you see is the choice between working hard and slacking off. There are so many adventures that you miss because you’re waiting to think of a plan. To find them, look for tiny interesting choices. And remember that you are always making up the future as you go!
    — Randall Munroe

    • Jimmy:   Thanks always for your thoughts. I love this. Life just keeps getting better. Finding real treasures in small things. Making money stretch but not a lot of it. No longer the ey to life Love ya man Ted


  4. TTG: What a great issue of T.H. I’ve read it over and over…it’s one of your best! So I ask myself…. why? For me, it is a combination of things…Nature…Resumes (mine said “Airforce Pilot”)…your fathers’ day musings…family love…and you just being you.
    Love ya’, mon ami!!!
    Suze…a Flatlander from Kansas, who very much admires the mountainscape, and has changed careers 6 times.

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