Vote Early and Often….

Vote Early and Often

I am sitting here contemplating my navel and staring at my mail in ballot. It is one of our most treasured freedoms but I can’t say I am doing handstands to participate. But before I put down my X for this one or that I am trying to figure out just what the hell I am.

About ten years ago I reregistered from Republican to Independent. I don’t think it was any seismic shift in beliefs or values but just one man’s protest against a flawed system. Like most of my other railings it passed without any due notice.

Now I not in favor of big government so I guess I am a Conservative. I am Pro Life with reservations and believe wholeheartedly in the principle of free enterprise. I think the institution of family should be valued and enhanced. Law and oder has to be paramount but it should not be a license to bully.

Now the wall starts to have chinks in it. I really don’t like the status quo. I thrive on innovation and upsetting apple carts. I don’t want to go back to yesterday much less the good old days. I believe our constitution is marvelous document but some facets must be con temporized. Strict constructionist? No.

Guns? I don’t mind if you have a hunting rifle or a hand gun for your house but arsenals in an increasing urban environment just don’t make any sense. It’s kind of interesting that we want the rule of law but don’t want it to apply to us vis a vis regs on the stock market, commerce or drug standards.

I know there are users of the system but I just can’t look at some poor bastard that has lost his job with three kids and say suck it up and go to work at Burger King. I don’t like Obamacare but our market system has not done very well for someone who needs immediate care. I think FDR had it right to provide for poor people or more specifically widows and orphans to have some kind of safety net but as usual we have taken a simple system and turned it into an “Entitlement.” Whether we need it or not.

For all those who feel they are owed something we conveniently overlook actuarial tables and viability. It’s incredible that we have so many MBA’s and market makers covering the land but we can’t read Uncle Sam’s balance sheet and see serious problems. Conservatives don’t want the debt but were blind to a trillion dollars worth of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Liberals say just tax the rich. It’s only fair. Just wonderful.

Now what is a guy going to do as he fills out his ballot? I will try to figure out what a particular candidate stands for. Immigration? We have got to do something about it. Taxes? Yup, we have to get right on that as soon as the new Congress is sworn in. Jobs? Who isn’t for jobs? But first I want to blitz you with ads telling you what a dirt ball my opponent is. I am sorry, that really wasn’t my ad but some obscure PAC that I have no control over who was slinging the mud. Corporations are people too if you haven’t noticed.

I know. I know. But could you possibly give me some specifics as to how you are going to handle, jobs, immigration and taxes? Well you see those are very complex questions that need a great deal of thought and deliberation my good man.We are working on a position paper that will be out shortly but you can trust me to get the job done. Right!

I guess what I am looking for is a Democrat who is to the right of left or a Republican who is to the left of right. Confused? You shouldn’t be. I smell something in the wind and it is not a foul odor. I think we as a country see this isn’t working. We are not willing to sit idly by and just wait for the next election. At least I hope not.

I was reading an oped by Mac McClarty in today’s Journal. He was Clinton’s Chief of Staff at one point. He was advocating for Obama to shake things up. He said it worked for Reagan and Clinton. I thought about this. He was calling for injecting new ideas and invigorating the staff. As I thought more about this my thoughts wandered toward our Congress.

The President is elected at most for eight years. My current Congresswoman is going for her tenth reelection. I have not received a piece of material as to where she stands on anything. She is in a “safe” district and couldn’t care less. She is knee deep in the Beltway culture and somehow we consider this to be a good thing…for our state. What about the country? To keep electing the same old hacks over and over is a sin. We are all guilty. Which way do you think I am voting on this one? Not because she is left or right but because we have to shake up the system.

We have had failures at the FBI, CDC, IRS to name a few. These are not failings of underlings but the higher ups. To say they are incompetent is to be kind. When you have a good old boy or girl Congress it sends a message. When the bureaucracy is so convoluted that it takes a long time elected official to understand it we have a serious problem. Mediocracy that gets rewarded breeds more mediocrity. Now, now TTG you don’t understand. Really? I think it is up in flashing lights.

Man, do we need new ideas and fresh faces. They can’t possible be any worse than what we have got. Kids we have to get off our butts and start asserting ourselves. When you look at the ballot don’t just see donkeys or elephants. They both smell. See who is going to attack problems and not just exacerbate a ridiculous situation. I am voting early. I wish I could vote often.

As always
Ted The Great


Political scientists say high turnout is generally seen as evidence of the legitimacy of the current system. That is kind of interesting because you would think if you didn’t like the system you would turn out in force to change it. Disgust or frustration seems to be a strong deterrent.

In 2012 voter turnout in the US was 57.5 % Of the eligible voters 126 million cast their ballots and 93 million didn’t. What that further shows is that approximately 28% of the eligibles elected our president.

The current Rothenberg Report lists 386 of 435 seats in the House to be safe. Of the remaining 49 only 19 are considered to be tossups where either side could win.

Reps Dingel and Conyers have been in Congress for 58 and 49 years respectively. Both are from Michigan. Hmmm. There are 11 others who have been there for 37 years or more. The average age of the House is 57 and the Senate 63.

4 thoughts on “Vote Early and Often….

  1. Left of right and right of left… Well said, Ted. I, too, am choosing to vote for those who can work with others for the greater good and aren’t confined to the extreme views of a party. At times I wonder if such people can be elected. For that matter, when this is what it takes to be elected, who would want the job?

  2. As usual TTG you bring a thought and a chuckle. Thank you for both and well stated…Nothing but political snakes down here in the desert. All the best to you. good friend.

  3. I have the same thoughts Ted when I look at ballot. We have the same congresswoman and I no longer vote for her – just out of principle. She never has town hall meetings where she will take questions and doesn’t keep in contact with the people she represents.

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