Have Faith…..

I recently read that Pew Research has determined  the number of us who identify with religion has taken a fair downturn lately. While atheists do not yet outnumber the believing crowd, there are chinks in the armor. Some of you might say the masses are beginning to see the light. No, I am not going to take the holy roller position but I would like to explore faith in several different ways.

If you have faith it means you have a belief or confidence in some person, object, idea or view. By whatever means you arrived at that conclusion and you are behind “it” whatever “it” is. That faith can be blind or you could have extensive knowledge of the matter at hand thereby intensifying your belief .

I think one of the greatest examples of this is when you get on an airplane. Now I do not have an aeronautical degree and when it comes to engineering I have trouble putting a plug in a socket. So for me to take aerodynamics into consideration every time I cavort through the skies would spoil all the fun and cause me to have more than two scotches in flight.

It is not just the plane but the pilots, air traffic controllers, ramp personnel and maintenance people whose wagon I must hitch to in order to get where I am going. Ditto trains, buses and automobiles. After you have put the pedal to the metal you expect the engine to roar and like wise to decelerate when you spot that trooper just over the hill.

I went to the dermatologist today for my semi annual inspection and requisite freezing. I can’t see on top of my head or my posterior so I hope skin doc knows what she is looking at and acts accordingly. I told you all of my meeting with Da Vinci for my prostate cancer a few months ago and I definitely had to look young Dr. Paul Maronie in the eye and say I am with you. You gotta believe.

Food gets perplexing. I love chicken but a Frontline expose on the fowl industry definitely put me on the defensive. Seems these guys knew there was salmonella in their plants but it was at acceptable levels. Just who is defining “acceptable”? Was the milk pasteurized and the butter fresh? Did every employee wash their hands before returning to work?

There are two things at work in all of the above: machines or processes and people that carry them out. You can have the greatest widget or sanitary procedure but if the people don’t give a crap the reliability factor just dropped to basement B. Up to this point I have been very cool about all of this. I am not paranoid or a worrywart of any sort. Probably I am too far the other way and take life as it goes but I am beginning to wonder.

Faith is a trust in my fellow man. But today as we get more and more robotic in our every day dealings does this take some of the culpability out of it? Don’t worry big guy, no one will ever know. When I hand you something and have to look you in the eye and tell you how good it is there is a connection or a bond. When I receive your order by email and then tell the machine to pick it from the bin and automatically throw in the box with a preprinted sticker and have that package dropped by our local Amazon drone perchance the responsibility gets taken out of it by some margin. Maybe but just maybe I lose a little faith.

Faith is indeed a trust. I am incredibly believing to a fault. It has caused me angst and heartbreak from time to time but it is how I choose to spend my life. I am a cheerleader not an undertaker. (Sorry Body Snatcher). An outcome of this irrational exuberance is if you let me down I am crestfallen. I will look askance for a long time and you have to earn your stripes all over again whether you are a priest, politician or HP printer.
This has happened to me on several levels not the least of which is government. Under domes in DC and capitals throughout our fair nation we are being let down. Funds are squandered and promises broken. They hem and haw and fail to make decisions that are so necessary. We gave them the keys to the car and even the gas to run it and they drive it into a wall. We get our hopes up for change and that continually falls flat to personal greed and opportunism. Interestingly it is not our constitution that has failed but the people administering it.

Another good example is religion. Is God dead or just the hierarchy of churches be they Catholic or Islamic? It seems we take something that is inherently good and subvert it to our own ends. That is human frailty I know but when your actions affect so many people we will indeed hold you to a higher standard. I think we can all feel that as citizens of the US and the world. Oh my God, I think that means we are all dependent on one another to do the right thing. I am not sure our compasses are exactly heading in that direction at the moment.

The opposite of faith or hope is distrust and despair. You just can’t depend on anyone or anything. The world is against you and in turn you are against it. Your days are spent criticizing cheap goods or incompetent management. “I told you so” is a mantra and life as a whole sucks.

What a horrible way to live…at least for me. I have faith in our ability to eventually see things for what they are and to figure out a way to make them better. I have faith that quality not quantity will be the norm some time in the future. I have faith that it all works out for the better in the end and man is not inherently evil. If that is blind faith, so be it.

As always
Ted The Great


There are in excess of 4200 religions throughout the world. They can monotheistic as in Abrahamic. Indian such as Buddhism and Hinduism. East Asian such as Confucianism, Shinto or Taoism. They cross cultures and countries. Unfortunately almost every one thinks they are the one true faith.

For the most part quality standards have increased not decreased. Computers modeling and robotics have led to more precise specifications and end results. This reliance has led to more human error situations.

Food quality in the US is determined by the Food Quality Act of 1990. The sheer magnitude of some processing facilities and their country wide distribution can cause huge recalls to occur. An outbreak in Oregon might be traced back to Tennessee as its point of origin.

60 million cars were recalled in the United States last year for anywhere from minor defects to serious problems. There were 89 million cars built worldwide. Detroit, we have a problem.

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