So Little Time….

I started out with one topic for this week’s missive and found myself wandering from place to place. Not ADD but so many thoughts to capture my attention. I am random by nature but this is ridiculous. Just for a moment, think of my plight. There is a plethora of fascinating parts to our lives if we are just smart enough to sit down for a moment and look. Not always the case, especially for me.
On Sunday there was a keynote speaker at our church. They have a discussion group most weeks and this one was filled to overflow. There was a young woman who spoke and she was a Muslim. My virgin voyage into Islam and it was not because I was promised anything in the afterlife. She probably presented more questions than she answered. I walked away wanting more and that was just fine.

I went to my Google and such, in an effort to fill in the blanks. Problem was I only created more. This is beyond complex as a religion or ideology or whatever is not easy to define. I could question Muhammed’s motives from the get go. Are you peaceful or a local chieftain that was looking for a following? Is violence a core belief or an ancillary? Is there a chance you were God given or just another huckster? Why do you have today 1.8 billion followers in this world?
I wanted to wax eloquently to my readers but I just felt like a moron after several hours of research. More to follow.

I am befuddled by our President elect. Not by his Twittering but his appointments. If you have ever read my previous meanderings you know I delight in hoisting the petard against sacred cows. Boeing? Carrier? Bring it on, big guy. My sane self says I can’t believe this will ever work. My Walter Middy says if there was ever a time to gore fatted calves, this is it.

There was a tragedy in Boulder Monday night. A body was found in a parking lot with a bullet in its head. Black man about 40 years young. Another senseless slaying? In a way. He had killed himself. He wasn’t a nobody. He was Rashan Salaam, a celebrity in these parts because in 1991 he brought the Heisman trophy to Colorado with his derring do on the football field. We are in the middle of this wonderful country and we don’t get a lot of press so when I say he was BIG, I mean really BIG.

Better yet he was a fine young man. He went on to the Chicago Bears. He was not a rock star type but someone whom you would have over to dinner. He worked with the University and was basking in the glory of one of our most successful years. From last to first in the PAC 12. What caused it? We will never know but it is a wailing siren to every troubled person on this planet.

I watched the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor tonight. It is wonderful to see these old guys getting their due. Imagine if you were in a gun tub on the Arizona and you could see some Japanese pilot waving to you as he was about to blow you and your ship to smithereens. That red dot on his fuselage would become etched in your mind for the rest of your life. You then had a choice. Jump into the water which was awash in fire laden oil or go down with your ship? Think you are having a tough day?

I worked out at the gym today. It snowed last night and the current temp has been in the single digits. Not very crowded. Only the hard core and oh yes, me. I saw people trying to get in shape or at least manage what they had. I also saw a beautiful young woman. I had seen her many times before. Hey,I am not brain dead…yet. But there was something different. She had had her lips puffed up and who knows what else?

It was sad because there was no need for it but she felt there was. What was lacking in her life? I looked at others that were a tad older. Maybe they could use a little help but whatever they got it was not to the plus side. Why do we always seek something better? Is it wonderful to want to be better or is it an absurdity as we try to beat the clock or show disdain to what God has given us? I decided to cancel off my liposuction surgery. This gut is here to stay.

Lastly I got a FaceTime from my granddaughter Ryan. Her mom and dad presented her and her two sisters with an early Christmas present tonight. Tomorrow morning they are all going to New York for the next few days. They were beyond excited and asked me places to go. I was reliving a time spent long ago. It was an absolute joy to see their euphoria over something not quite so tangible as a wrapped present. This was going to be an experience to be savored long after the batteries would wear out on this or that. Life is good.

That’s it. My poor brain can’t stand any more stimulation. I haven’t told you half of what is running around in there. I will sit back, maybe have a bit of Scotch and think about how lucky I am. I only hope your life is half as eventful and rewarding as mine

As always,
Ted The Great

Factoids: None. My cranium is flashing TILT.

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