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I feel like Arte Johnson of Laugh In as I peek up from my arte-johnson-04foxhole just above the planet Earth. You old farts will know what my reference is and you young’uns will just have to work with me or go to You Tube. He had this sly look of understanding. Almost like he got it and no one else did. Our pratfalls and pitfalls of the last 365 is an example of humanity at its best and worst. Just when we think we have it all figured out, it comes up and bites us on the ass. Fantastico.


I am not an anarchist but if you follow me at various times you know I think what we are doing is not working or severely flawed. At the Church get together,  I asked a well versed politico if he thought that government on the national level was working? He had one thought. The Executive branch in the time of Regan numbered 500. Today it is 3800. He talked to someone who was a deputy undersecretary to something. Think of that idiotic nomenclature looking for some sort of meaning at your and my expense. And he probably had a staff, office space etc.

Status quo might be wonderful for some but it ain’t going to solve many of our problems. We love neatness and prognostications that call for more of the same. Things have been on a tear lately but our lack of investing in the future is going to catch up with us. Sooner or later broken roads, sewer and water pipes, outdated transmission lines and fiber optic cables will have to upgraded or completely replaced. I am not coming up with an off the wall, aha moment but a statement of fact.

We have relied on our government/bureaucracy to predict and make the right moves to alleviate this. Wrong assumption! There was an article in today’s WSJ written by a life long government employee. He was pleading for guidance from a new group. His system rewards status quo thinking implicit by our Civil Service rules and acceptance of mediocrity. He wanted someone to open the windows wide and chart a new course.

Foggy Bottom has toed the same line for decades on Taiwan and China. We sell the island whatchamacallit, arms and have a vibrant trade but we do not really recognize them. We don’t want to fray our ties with the Mainland. We made Israel a state in 1948 and yet we have danced around the Palestinian issue for almost 70 years. Now you say both are difficult and I agree but is there has to be some way to solve them in less than seven decades? Does it take someone to stand up and say enough?

I spoke with another amigo who is very involved in small business. He opined on large versus lesser sized corporations. Aping the government tcreativity1he big boys create departments and undersecretaries of their own. Meetings, studies, reports abound. Then we have to take it up and down the line until somewhere, somehow makes a decision which then has to be signed off by everyone. Entrepreneurship and creativity is frowned upon. This could be the byproduct of success and size but as he said if one of his small businesses acted in this fashion they would be bankrupt. Are We?


I bemoaned my state in life to my lovely wife the other night. Waxing eloquently I said when one speaks out they become a lightning rod. One side thinks you are great and huzzahs to you for speaking out. The other wants to fight you every step of the way. If they were cogent in their arguments I would welcome their retorts but too often discussion disintegrates into mud slinging of a sort and you wonder why the hell you brought this up in the first place? That is not where I want to be.

As I sit here pondering the year to come I can’t help but feel a strange sense of hope and excitement. After reading the above you might think I am bipolar and you may be right. My Fantasy Football team is loaded with upstarts. Out of the box thinkers. Maybe chivalry is not dead and the damsel we want to save is the forlorn Princess America. Can we slay the dragons of Congress and Presidents of Washington and corporations throughout our fair land? Can we really storm the dual ramparts of privilege and apathy?

Well, we have to be inducted and our boot camp is in a library and not a battle field. Not guns but the internet of sorts. We have to become aware and form our own opinions and not take the pablum handed down as gospel truth. When people go to Facebook to get their news we can all laugh at the lunacy until we find ourselves doing the same thing. It takes some time spent and we all bewail our lack of it. But you and I know these excuses are really BS when it comes down to it.


I look at a problem and it seems fathink-outside-the-box-quirly simple in its solution. Am I a rocket scientist? No way, I am just a fresh set of eyes. I am not blaming anyone but pleading for at least an honest hearing. We take any suggestion of an alternate direction as an affront or we refer it to committee for further study to be reported in a year or two. I am going to keep at this and just hope I don’t have to go into the concussion protocol from pounding my head against the wall. For now I will continue to Ponder The Imponderables in the hope of making them understandable. It is what I do. Very Interesting? Of course. At least to me and I hope to you.

As always and Happy New Year!
Ted The Great


Over 100 million people did not vote in the 2016. By 2012 standards they reflected the stereotype of being younger, less educated, less engaged and less affluent citizens than voters.

With nearly two-thirds of nonvoters saying that staying away from the polls on Election Day was an action they chose rather than that it was an unavoidable situation.That can’t be solved with a phone reminder.

Nonvoters are markedly less likely than voters to follow what’s going on in government and public affairs. Only 17 percent say they follow these topics most of the time, while another 31 percent do so some of the time. 

Non Voter Breakdowns

1. “Pessimists,” representing 27% of nonvoters
2. “Too Busys,” representing 20% of nonvoters
3. “Strugglers,” representing 19% of nonvoters
4. “Tuned Outs,” representing 16% of nonvoters
5. “Active Faithfuls,” representing 11% of nonvoters
6. “Doers,” representing 8% of nonvoters

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