Newspapers, social media, noise, heat, inflation, shootings, wars, COVID, abortion, government, religion, education, Supreme Court, LGBTQ. Did I miss anything? If one were to consider all of these in unison as an attack on our psyches, we should all be committed. 

Some of us are blind and or deaf. Some of us choose to ignore all this. For those of us who have not exited from everyday life, my heart goes out to you …and me. I decided to take a deeper drive. 

Maybe we are gluttons for punishment but Kathy and I like to tune in the national and local news. On the major networks I think you have to go through a grim reaper audition to be an anchor. Lester Holt, Norah O’Donnell and David Muir, Wolf Blitzer and I don’t have a clue who is on Fox, have got gloom and doom down to a science. Smiles and a soothing tone are verboten. Just he facts, ma’am !

In houses all over our wonderful land you don’t need a clicker. It stays on the same channel all day long. How many times can you watch shells in Ukraine, a raging forest fire or the latest totally confusing info on COVID? People, it is not going to change. Insanity is said to be doing the same stupid thing over and over again. Yes I am guilty too. 

I had a woman patient in hospice a couple of weeks ago who was beautiful, classy and more than aware of her situation. We talked for quite awhile. She related her story of 70 plus years and there was a reverie that was enchanting. She had fun as a flight attendant but had been sober for 40 years. Her smoking too much for too long brought her to death’s door. She was calm and accepting. 

Her greatest joy was being a teacher of English to high school freshmen. She pushed them and challenged them to be better than they thought. When they arrived back after Christmas break she had placed a sign saying “Honors English” over the classroom door. If they did not believe they belonged, they should not go in. They all did. 

As we talked, she spoke softly and I had to strain to listen. A good thing in its own right. I asked her what she thought of today’s circumstances.

She put it simply…a lack of gratitude. Not just being an American but just being alive with all its wonderful implications. Not worrying what one didn’t have but what they did. Rich, poor, white, black, we just don’t get it. Pretty poignant. 

She went on to speak of acceptance. Today she said, everyone has an excuse for every little thing. They whine constantly about their plight. Look at us, with my litany above in mind. We are wary and fearful. We almost sit helpless and critical of so many things. I know people face hard times. But no matter what or how bad we have it better than someone else.

I came home deep in thought. I wanted to jot down notes to try to get it right. As I pondered I heard sounds outside. We were having our house painted. The crew was Hispanic. They were laughing and singing in the hot Florida sun. Somehow and some way life was good. I wonder how many others feel that way about what they do?

The definition of serenity is a state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. It sounds corny and a little Kumbaya but think about it. If only for a few moments a day set all the bullshit aside and just get lost in thought. Just like my lady friend have gratitude, be thankful. I guess what I am saying is be spiritual. Not necessarily in a religious sense but thinking inward and not about “stuff”. 

The synonym for serenity is tranquility. It’s early morning here in Flalaland. The sun is just hinting at a black sky. It is beyond quiet. Kind of cool. A great way to start my day. An interesting thought is that big glowing orb comes up every day right on schedule, everywhere on our planet. I guess we all have something in common. Enjoy it. 

As always,

Ted The Great


Another woman a couple of months ago greeted me with a big smile when I asked her how she was doing? She simply stated she was very happy. She knew she was gong to die and was ready. After we chatted for quite awhile I held her hand and gave her a hug. I said, “Wow, your hands are cold”. She looked at me with a smile and a twinkle and said,”And they are going to get a lot colder soon”  I guess that is a better definition of serenity. Her candor blew my mind.

Steps to serenity:


Don’t take things personally.

Breath and step away. Don’t dwell on it. 

Avoid toxic people. Just leave them alone. 

Laugh at the world and yourself. 

Sounds like a plan. 

13 thoughts on “Serenity….

  1. Another good one Ted….everyone needs to lighten up a bit and I believe with the exception of the extreme 20+% on the “left and the right” everyone means well….a few months ago, Pat and I decided to avoid controversy with some of our kids and a few “friends” about vaccines, politics, etc which has gone a long way to enjoying each others company…….the media and the Internet are not helping but “it is what it is”..

    Sounds like you are having a good summer. We are happy to be settled in one place and will be spending more time with our Charleston SC family in addition to our gang in the Pittsburgh area…many weddings and births on the horizon….stay well


    Dick Almes Cell: 724-396-0223


  2. Ted Finally got to this. Good job. You missed a couple—I no longer fully trust the Justice Dept nor the FBI. Certainly not the CIA. Nor any politician—maybe a couple. How about the MSM? Ludicrous!!!! As to being blessed—God is more and more my spirituality—we’ve been going through our albums here while clearing out. We’ll throw the travel albums, except for a few favorite pix from each, and keep some/most of the family stuff for the family to sort through. We have had such fun!!!!!!!!!! Most trips just the 2 of us and 12+ trips with friends. Not including 20 or so cruises with 2 other couples on their sailboats. We are so very lucky. And the beat goes on!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers and blessings P >

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