News In Review…..

Scientists Are Close To Being Able to Cure Aging….

Now let me get this straight. We are underfunded on pensions to the tune of a gazillion dollars. We have 4 billion people who go to sleep every night hungry. Every developed nation has huge deficits. And we could have Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi in Congress forever. Please tell me how this is good?

MF Global Has No Idea Where the $1.25 Billion Is

Was is just me or was it weird having Jon Corzine on the stand? Former head  of Goldman Sachs. U.S Senator. Governor of New Jersey. On first blush after seeing that bio, no wonder he doesn’t know where the money is. This really gets into the realm of the absurd. The top three could not explain anything. Colossal coverup or really stupid?

We Are Doing Fine And Don’t Need Regulation…..

Yes, my favorite Wall Street Exec, Jamie Dimon, head of JP Morgan Chase, decided he wanted to give us all an IQ test. Note the above on MF as well as the other various payments of fines by his cronies, who of course admitted no wrong doing. You wonder if they are arrogant, ballsy or just incredibly stupid? And are we?

Rush Has It All Figured Out…..

This was my week for listening to conservative talk radio. Rush without any tongue in cheek said the financial crisis was completely the fault of the lower and middle class. He said the banks were forced into making bad mortgage loans. He said Wall Street had the securitization of mortgages jammed down their throats. All this while these people were lying on their applications. They are the real culprits. What do you think gang?

Putin is to Be Crowned King…

Well Vladimir has it all figured out. Medvedev ruled for six years and now he is ready to swap jobs so he can be big boss for two consecutive terms of 6 years. Just to make sure, they stuffed ballot boxes in front of foreign observers. So what happens? The billionaire owner of the soon to be Brooklyn Nets now says he is going to run against Putin. This is the guy who got arrested for hiring hookers for a Christmas celebration. I really can’t make this stuff up.

Obama Celebrates The Pullout. ….

President Obama with an absolutely straight face says the U.S. is getting out of Iraq. He failed to mention we have built the largest U.S. embassy in the world and there will be 16,000 diplomats and private contractors remaining behind. Imagine. We have spent almost a trillion dollars and countless lives on this fiasco. That is the same as saying we could burn through a million dollars a day for the next 330 years to achieve that burn rate. But that is okay because Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world and after we got the WMD’s, we were going to pay for everything with that oil.  And now Iraq is making up with Iran. Man, I thought I was lousy at investing.

Obama Holds Up The Canadian Pipeline….

Canada wants to run a pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico. It would run through Nebraska and create quite a few jobs. Obama has postponed the decision until further study is done and of course that study can’t be completed until after the election.EPA has endorsed it. Nebraska says it may screw up the ground water. I would  agree except for the fact that dozens of older pipelines already run through the area. But then again TTG that is somewhat logical.

Newt Says Palestine Is a Fabrication….

Newt goes on Israel TV to say the umpteen million Palestinians are really not Palestinians. He is a history professor and of course has put things in historical perspective for Fannie and Freddie to the tune of over a million. But if he is so good at the decades past and has now become a Catholic how does he explain all the Palestinians in the Bible? I guess I really am as dumb as I look.

Folks, the above bylines are just a weeks worth. I tried not to scold one side more than the other. I left out child molestations. I couldn’t go on any more about college shootings. Basketball brawls. Occupy Wall Streeters. Alec Baldwin. Herman Caine. My poor little fingers couldn’t type all that much.

My kids don’t read newspapers. Maybe I don’t blame them. We have got a great country and a great world. But we have all lost sight of the big picture. We are so keyed in on our own little worlds we really don’t see the forest through the trees. I get annoyed when someone young or old says to me,”Well what is the problem really?” without having done any work on their own.

I am not trying to be a downer just before Christmas. I am usually an incredibly upbeat person. Sure I could ignore it all and look the other way. Can’t go there. Neither should you. I will cheerlead as best I can but people have to have pride and know what we are trying to accomplish. They have to educate themselves. They have to listen. They have to come out of their foxholes. We are slowly being overrun.

As always

Ted The Great


Rush Limbaugh is affiliated with 600 radio stations nationwide. He has a five year contract that pays him $250 million or approximately $1 million per week.

When testisfying Jon Corzine’s name plat actually said “The Honorable”Hmm.

There are actually a mriad of more than twenty interstate and intrastate pipelines through Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and Iowa to name a few.

President Obama through channels actually asked for our highly secret drone back. Dick Chaney wanted to launch a military mission into Iran to either take out the drone or retrieve it. Rush actually blamed Obama for not having a self destruction device aboard.

Russia has approximately 143 milion people and at 6.5 million sq miles of land area and is the largest country in the world in geographical terms.

Last but not least there are approximately 4 million Palestinians in the Sinai. Maybe we can get Penn and Teller to make them go away.

PS I will be in better humor next week. I promise…sort of. Depends on what Timmy Terrific and the Broncos do.

3 thoughts on “News In Review…..

  1. Shocked that you aren’t in better humor. Tebow pulls another win out of his hat. That kid has got some sort of faith that he is going to win a game. You should have faith that we all will win the game. Honestly I don’t read the newspaper because I don’t have time. I just listen to NPR all day. I have a family, a house, a company and a bevy of clients to take care of. It starts early and ends late. At the end of the day some mindless reality TV is all I’m in the mood for. I do take in the occassional Frontline but they aren’t exactly sweet bedtime stories. Oh but that’s only after I put my kids to bed, clean the kitchen, throw a load of laundry in and work for another hour or two. I’m not saying I don’t like that but I don’t exactly have a ton of time to revolt against the system. Again what is it exactly you want me to do? Join occupy wall street? I think maybe you are getting old and turning into a old fart. Don’t you remember when you were younger and you thought old people just complained about how the world has changed. Haven’t we always been going to hell in a hand basket in some way or another. I’m sure my time will come to complain about the state of the country and how these kids have a new gadget that is destroying humanity. Hmmmm. I get that you are annoyed but why don’t you lay out a plan to change things already. President KENNY?? You could at least start with Mayor.

    • Interesting. You are probably the most up to date young person I know. Yes everybody is too busy. That’s fine but when a person in a rather arrogant way says tell me what’s wrong in a thumbnail I don’t have the time. I get pissed. I truly feel we are in a world of shit. You get it. Others say I can’t be botthered. Hey then they shouldn’t complain when it happens. Thank you for the reply. It’s the first oneI have gotten from anyone in weeks. Just feel like maybe Ted’s Head has run its course. Love DOD

  2. I had to turn of the news on the radio this morning after I had heard the Janet Napalotano (sic) cut off access to fed immigration records for an Arizona sheriff who had apparently violated civils rights of Latinos. Really? How old are these people and what level have they risen to in terms of leadership? I think I’ve tried this tactic with my kids and it pretty much led to results that didn’t satisfy either side or proved anything worthwhile. I literally asked myself if I should move to another country where this type of thing doesn’t exist (I haven’t come up with an alternative yet.)

    @Megan: Agree with your points on the next steps. In genuinely feels overwhelming to figure out how we pull this together. But invariably, it involves breaking down the big problem into smaller chunks. So that goes from trying to figure out which knucklehead runs the country to which guy (or gal) runs your town or how your local ballot bills affect you. I honestly spent more time in the last election trying to figure out which tax initiatives I should vote for then selecting the president, because it was much closer to home. From there, you can create some sense of momentum of change up the line. It’s not easy, but I would guess the local stuff probably (taxes, regs, school districts) have a bigger affect on your life then the pipeline in Kansas.

    Yes, maybe this makes me one who only focuses on myself (or immediate family)…but if I don’t take care of that first (the local stuff), it doesn’t matter who I choose for president.

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