Christmas 2011

Joyeaux Noel

This is the title of a little missive I put out on the front fence of our house. It goes like this.

“Kathy and I are finished putting up the Christmas decorations inside and out. The goose is in her Xmas outfit and no, she won’t be cooked. We hope you enjoy them all.

We are going to do a “lumenaria” on Christmas Eve. For us it is lighting the way of Christ. We would love you to join us. Someone say “I am Jewish”.  Another speaks of atheism. I said why don’t you just do it and think of peace or of a loved one long gone. Somehow the idea of peace on earth and good will towards men doesn’t seem like a bad idea for any one regardless of persuasion.

You need some paper bags, votive candles you can buy at Bed Bath and Beyond  and some sand. We might have extra.

Hope you all have a great holiday.

Kathy and Ted Kenny”

I always put a pen on the placard. People sometimes write comments. Some are even clean. The ones we got this week were really wonderful. I guess there is still hope.

We watched a special from Rick Steve’s on Christmas in Europe. There were no big boxes. There were just some great traditions in each country. I hope we are not celebrated for Black Friday as ours.

I took my seven year old granddaughter, Harper, skiing yesterday. We went to a simple local resort. The lift tickets for the beginner slope using her young and my old fart discount was $43. We made 20 trips on the short lift and went down the race course and she “caught air” on a jump. Life is good.

We stopped in a little mining town of Georgetown on the way home for a homemade  ice cream cone. She said the town looked like a Christmas place and it did. We talked about fancy and simple. She said she liked simple. She also said she didn’t think there was any Padge quite like me. I think she meant it as a compliment.

My message this year is simple. No matter what you think or believe there was a guy born 2000 years ago. To some He was a savior. He was of no means. He wore sandals and a cloak. He didn’t have a limo. He slept in simple surroundings.

He talked of a place called heaven. He also spoke of love. Do unto others. Most of the commandments His Father brought down are the basis of law in almost every civilized country in the world. After two thousand years the bible is still the best selling book every year after year. I think They are onto something.

Sure in our own unique way we have lost much of the symbolism. We have morphed a very basic message into some sort of extravaganza. We all have used religion as an excuse for tyranny and violence over the centuries. Peace has become power.

When I put out the “lumenaria”.  I will think of all of you. I will think of New York and San Francisco. Providence and San Diego. Scottsdale and Vail. Ireland  in a special way.  I will think of my brother and my parents. My friend John. A special lady named Rosemary

I will then go in and have a glass of red or a special Irish whiskey. I will sit in front of the fireplace and say Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

As always

Ted The Great

Factoids: Not this week.

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