Mission Impossible

Your mission Mr. Kenny should you choose to accept it is to continue wandering through space and cosmic thought for the foreseeable future. If not your keyboard will self destruct in 30 seconds. Okay, I am in. Are You?

This is my 58th posting of Ted’s Head. People from every angle probably can’t quite believe those numbers. If you are loyal your sanity should be questioned. If you have avoided opening “New Post” most weeks, you might feel a bit smug but I also think you have missed a fair chunk of fun and rapprochement.

Looking back in the archives we have really covered a fair amount of ground in the last year. We have moved from politics to religion.Tragedy to triumph. Big things. Very simple things. Zany to serious. Annoyed to hopeful. We’ve touched third rails. I hope we have touched hearts. Yup, that’s Ted’s Head alright.

I am not quite sure where to go with it. We have a mailing list of about 130 and 100 of you are faithful readers. Some one told me that was very good. Maybe I have something to say or maybe I am just your voice? I hope both.

I have tried not to takes sides in my musings. Everyone seems to be fair game. I have cajoled and skewered where necessary. I probably have not praised enough. The pickings were slim. I really want to observe and comment and not pontificate.

I am attempting to go in one additional direction this year. I am going to see if there is room for my show on the road. No, not to a town near you but just around Denver. I do not want to get on a soap box but facilitate of sorts. I want to gather a group, pose a problem that we face and ask for solutions not diatribes. How about the deficit? Entitlements? Infrastructure. They won’t go away. How would you solve them?

I think my first audience will be people of my generation. It might be a small group or a cast of thousands. Maybe no one will listen. When I mentioned this profile to Kathy she looked at me in a cross between wonderment and incredulity.(Not the first time) Hey, maybe I will get booed off the stage or out of a barroom. But I am still going to try.

I spent a portion of my day trying to figure out a new internet and TV provider. Comcast has cast aside any semblance of customer service and it is time to move on. As I picked through various websites I was caught by the number of channels you can get. On some services there are over three hundred.

Now that is really kind of scary. Not only that they provide them but that people actually watch some of this stuff. It also reinforced some of my feeling that a lot of these people broadcasting were thrust in front of the camera and told to look smart. Forget about content. Just look good. They will believe you. About that image part, maybe I will stick to radio.

There is a great new show with Erin Burnett called “Outfront.” Maybe it is not earthshaking journalism but she tells it like it is. When the boys and girls in Congress punted for the umpteenth time she let them have it right between the eyeballs.

Another great new publication is “The Week”. It takes both U.S. and international stories and capsulates them. Then they take commentary from all sides and presents it as such. Very snappy. Very easy reading for all of you that have limited time and concentration. I am one of them.

These and others will help us keep a shoulder to the wheel. We can’t beg off for lack of time or interest. The most  pressing and incredibly complex problems of our times will require us to sift through a myriad of facts. Not only to find solutions but see if we can come up with some leaders who can truly help us find the way clear.

This year is going to be a Mission Impossible for all of us. There will be death defying stunts and very narrow escapes. But beyond the whole thing is that undeniable feeling that Tom Cruise is going to pull this thing off.

I feel that way about us. I feel something that you don’t see on accident and murder driven TV. You won’t hear the good news from either side of the abyss of political talk shows. But it is there in the hearts of all of us. Maybe we can turn at least half of those 300 channels positive. Our mission is simple. No matter what your calling stand up, take whatever medicine we have to and get our butts in gear. Not at all impossible. Details to follow. Happy New Year

As always

Ted The Great

Crazy Factoids:

Think you have it tough? Queen Elizabeth has been cut back to $150 million pounds per annum to run her household.

Since 2004 Congress has seen their net worth go up by 15% while America has gone down 8%

The average American breaks 4 laws each day before noon.

There are three bones in the human brain. Richard Cranium!

Americans spend 6 times as much on video games as they do on school library materials.

The microwave was invented when a scientist walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bare melted in his pocket..not in his hands.

5 thoughts on “Mission Impossible

  1. Can’t wait to watch Erin’s show. What time is it on?? Love her. I often think the government ship would be better run by our journalists. They come up with lots of “no brianer” solutions to our problems. It’s 9:15 and I have not broken any laws yet.

  2. With the Republicans beating each other’s brains in when the dust clears and they start at Obama you should have plenty of material for the next eleven months. The challenge will be to find something other then politics to discuss so we don’t lose our minds!

  3. Since you asked-
    We have become numb.

    We have an economy that has been destroyed for three years.
    That was compliments of a group of the most greedy, self-centered, selfish idiots we have ever seen. They primarily screwed monorities and poor whites. And they got away with it.

    We were handed two wars in which 5,000 dead and 50,000 wounded of our absolute best we have to offer as a nation were fried. For what? A group of lunatics who have killed one another for centuries and will continue to do so for another few hundred, over religious interpretations of Islam. We trumped up WMD charges that never existed.

    Go on 60 Minutes Overtime and look up Sal Giunta. Marine Medal of Honor winner, who attacked a group of Taliban who were taking away a wounded buddy of his. He dropped them on a dead run and dragged his comrade back to die with his brothers. No less heroic are some poor soldiers who got an IUD set off under them while they were driving down the road.

    We have Obama, who dumps on the 1% while taking their money to get elected in 08. We have Gingrich, who took 1,500,000 to “teach” Fannie and Freddie. They are group of incompetent boobs- all of them, totally corrupted, compliments of the Supreme Court, who says that any PAC can give any amount of money to anyone for any reason.

    We have local. state and federal governments, bloated and counter-productive, whose way of operating is to have their increased spending next year cut and call that a reduction. Heh kids, if you spent a hundred this year and you want to spent 110 next year; when we say it’s 105- it’s a cut in spending? DUH?

    Tea Party- racists. Occupy- unclean 60’s retreads. Bottom line, they are saying the same thing.
    It’s broken, badly.

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