Quick hits…

TTG’s Head is on the go this week. Many points to ponder….so little time.

An author appeared on PBS News the other night discussing liberal and conservative. The overall gist was that liberals want everyone to come together and share. Kumbaya. The conservatives want to keep things as they are or were. The gap is wide. If push comes to shove the conservatives will fight to the death because it is in fact about their possessions and lifestyle. The liberals aren’t quite so passionate. Doesn’t sound good either way.

Every man is an island. In discussing the whole rich man poor man thing with a friend, he had concluded it wasn’t worth the discussion. Basically our world and politics is every man for himself. They are going to do what works for them. No one else matters.  Rather than fight it he is just going to figure out how to live in it. I felt sad at that thought but on the other hand admired his pragmatism.

I saw an old clip of a golf tourney of long ago. Plaid slacks were the norm. Of course we all emulated the pros. Some of those were a cross between butt ugly and ridiculous. What were we thinking? On the other hand if we wait long enough they may come back. Width of ties and designs. Shirt collars. Tabs, collar pins, button down, flare, no collar at all. Is this an expression of individuality or slavery to some strange fashion god ? Dunno.

Other than the “candidates” there are some very cool people running around DC et al. Leon Panetta. Alan Simpson. Erskine Bowles. Mitch Daniels. Corey Booker. Booker is mayor of Newark and an African American. He went to Stamford, Oxford and Yale Law. Instead of cashing in, he became mayor. Alan is Alan. Forthright and straight shooting. Not worrying about taking whomever to task. Mitch Daniel is governor of Indiana. Practical thinker. Rides around the state on his Harley but looks like an accountant. Stays in the homes of fellow Hoosiers along the way. Wish he hadn’t gotten out of the race for president.

Walking miles in your shoes. I think before you vote for war or bombing some place back to the Stone Age you should either have participated in combat or have your kid in the Armed Forces. Likewise before you formulate your illegal policy you should be required to drive a deported family to the border and make them get out of the car. You should also go to the hospital on a Friday or Saturday and tell someone without insurance that you can’t help them even though their baby is in distress. Lastly if you are President, your kids should have to go to DC public schools. Makes you stop and think.

Labeling. Ever notice even after they retire, people still call them Mr. President or Senator or Governor or Mr. Speaker. Not really sure why that is? But then again we always call people excons, felons, rapists and sexual predators for life. Okay I get that line of thinking and  I am also realizing the similarities of the two groups. Wonder what they will call me?

I think we all get the idea that we need jobs in this country. Now let me get this straight. If we don’t have any rules we will have prosperity. Everyone is waiting for a moratorium on laws. Then we will fly. If we tax the rich, then a chicken in every pot. Or if we take away all taxes then the economy will hum. Is it me or has no one actually come up with specifics on how we are going to come up with 18 million jobs? Oh yeah, we are going to build a colony on the moon for 18,000 people in eight years. What was I thinking?

Our priest brought up an interesting concept. The Muslim etymology actually refers to a submission to God. I am going to believe because Allah said so. The Judaeo Christian is more about struggling. You are always grappling with this concept of God. What does faith mean? Instead of taking in on face value they always want to discuss and is rife with different religions.Just a little food for thought.

Lastly I had an idea when I saw various politicos standing behind their front man or woman. You know how they line up. Now they could be a glee club. But then aren’t they just singing to the choir?

They could be the Marx Brothers but wasn’t Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo et al  a little more clever. They could be the Three Stooges but they are usually more than a trio. I think I will go with proud parents who are fawning over their new born(in this case a new speaker or piece of legislation). They look at it and think how wonderful they are for having brought it into this world.  Then ten years later they watch in horror at what a monster they have created. But then like parents of brats put on a happy face and look the other way.

As always

Ted The Great

Fun Factoids:

The Bible is the most shoplifted book in the world. Thou shalt not steal.

All eyes are blue at birth. Light changes the colors. The eye stays the same size throughout your life. A sight for sore eyes.

The Interstate system was formed for national defense in the 1950‘s. One mile out of five has to be straight so it can be used as an emergency landing field. Duck and cover.

If Barbie was life sized she would have measurements of 39-23-33 and I would change my name to Ken and play with dolls.

The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

2 thoughts on “Quick hits…

  1. So a few questions. If the tax code was changed to tax the richer higher like Obama is proposing… How much are we looking at cutting in the paycheck of the average millionaire?? Is it really a difference to them? They can’t afford to buy their 6th house on a tropical island that they use 1 week of the year? Or is it a real change for them? Just curious? Doesn’t a lux hotel for that week just make more sense?

    Huntsman and Mitch Daniel struggle in the polls to gain any real momentum as a Presidential canidate. Why is it Americans are incapable electing or getting behind the practical thinkers? Are they just to boring for main stream media to pick up? Is just more fun to watch Newt have a temper tantrum?

    What do you think would happen to the ecomomy if media covered nothing but stories how things are getting better or are working well in this economy for a week or better yet a month? I can’t imagine they woudl run out of stories

    I spent the night at the zoo with my daughter last weekend and we learned a few things.
    Lemurs and many other animals are loosing their habitats in Madagascar because people are mining the soil for a specific mineral that is used to make an aluminum can. Hmmm do you really need that crappy diet coke? This is an investment but think it might be worth it.

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