Back To The Riots….

What a range of emotions. We watched in awe as once again man was able to tame the forces of gravity and launch ourselves into outer space.Unknown-6 That was the apex. Then we panned back to rioting as we looted and burned in rage and frustration. That was the nadir. Somewhere in all of this we share the same elements of humanity. That is so hard to compute. 

Some will deny we have anything in common. We throw around terms like genius and trailblazer on the one hand and animal and ingrate on the other. It seems we have no perception or realization of what life is like outside our own personal bubbles. It plays both ways. 

George Floyd’s murder was a bit of a wake up call for me. Sure I was saddened by previous deaths of black men and women but for some strange reason it was miles away. Whether it was the unflinching camera angle or the slow agony of a man’s life slipping away right before my eyes, it slammed me right in the gut. 

There was no mincing of words. There was no possibility of misinterpretation. That white cop put his knee to the prisoner’s neck and then rearranged his position mid flight to make sure he was getting the desired effect. And not one of the other three even whimpered for the man’s mercy. That is unconscionable. I can’t believe we have stooped so low. 


We have seen an explosion of hatred and contempt on both sides. It’s our nation and possibly our world’s dirty little secret. We hate anyone who is not one of us.

 Lash out at the infidels. The fact that some are black makes it even easier. Men in blue? Just target them. Jews? Asians? Middle Easterners? We find it so satisfying to paint with a broad brush. The poor hate the rich and the rich find the poor contemptible. Even if I can stand you I want you to remain in your place. No more. No less. 

We cannot even come close to understanding what it is like to be black. The violence, the poverty, and criminality that is exaggerated by a hyper vigilant society are ingrained in you from birth. College students are stopped and frisked. A member of the board of the New York Audubon Society gets called out in Central Park. Black Senator Tim Scott, a Republican from South Carolina has been stopped and questioned several times in his tenure. This isn’t an honest mistake. It is part of our culture. 

We don’t know what it is like to be a cop. To be called”Pig”. imagesTo deal with the seamier side of life all day long and be pelted with rocks and garbage when you are trapped in a cruiser. How about a Hispanic that just wants something more for his family than gangs and drugs? A woman still facing glass ceilings or the leering and cat calls of a city street. Everyone gets beat up in their own way. Sometimes you have had enough and your rage boils over.

We decry activists. Don’t you know how wonderful America is? How good you have it? Unfortunately Kool Aid doesn’t quench a desperate thirst. The haves aren’t necessarily the rich but ones who have made it into the gated community of middle class. They would like more but are not bereft. 

The under trodden don’t have lobbyists. Those are the rich people’s vessels of influence. You might even call them activists for the good life.  This word or phrase or bill gives Morgan Stanley and its clients a very lucrative write off. A little prodding here and there gets you a defense contract. They are not demonstrating but then again maybe they are in a totally different way. Subtlety and back rooms breed an air of innocence. 

People demonstrate because it is the only way to make people listen. Sure it is brash and in your face. It won’t go away. Unknown-3Looting and torching places give us the cover to justify our indignation. But deep down you know something is wrong and boy does it feel uncomfortable to think they might be right. 

We have been going over this since I was a kid in the fifties. It has gotten a little more complex with women, Hispanics, gays et all thrown into the fray. We have spent trillions on the Great Society with nothing to show for it. We have not figured out immigration since 1987. Women are making a dent but it is still just a minor recalculation in our male chauvinist world. And cops are still beating the crap out of black people at a moment’s notice. 

Depressing? Yes it is. I have never felt worse for our country. Not economically but the humanity side of the equation. We have a ruling class that is clueless and ineffective. We can land on a flying tin can 250 miles above the earth but we can’t agree on proper way to educate our kids. We throw away 35% of our foodstuffs while 25-30% of our population is food insufficient. 

I am sorry I am not more upbeat. Reality sucks. Here in LaLa Land, I should probably just shut up and practice my golf or curl up with a good book. I will try once again to drink my feel good elixir but for the moment I can’t get this out of my mind. I keep going back to the riots. They are telling us something. Will we listen?

As always 

Ted The Great 


There are instigators on both sides of the spectrum in riots. You have far right White Extremists and far left Anti Fascists. In between are looters and burners. A majority of demonstrators are law abiding who get swept up in the fury and as a result get arrested. Both federal and local authorities have yet to identity specific groups. 

Because of unions, labor contracts and the Blue Wall cops are rarely disciplined. In Minneapolis over the last eight years over 2400  cases of abuse are reported. Unknown-412 policemen were found in violation. The harshest sentence was losing 40 hours of pay. A vast majority of cops are good if not great. Unfortunately the bad apples don’t get rooted out. 

Conflicts are a natural part of relationships. They usually arise out of people’s misunderstanding of an issue, their needs, or their desire to be understood. Because conflicts involve perceived threats to our well-being and survival, they stay with us until we face and resolve them. It’s as simple and complex as that. 


2 thoughts on “Back To The Riots….

  1. Good job. Again. It’s a muddy, dirty, gritty, grey world that so many approach from the black or white side of things. Wish it were black or white. Would make things so much simpler. Fun last night. Doubt we’ll play tomorrow. See ya. P


  2. Ted, you nailed it my friend… oldest son was a cop in Mt. Pleasant SC(across the river from Charleston) for 13 years before going into business as a commercial videographer…we were extremely pleased with that move…..during his tenure in law enforcement my wife and I witnessed a behavioral change and frankly, his impatience with blacks and a likely racist attitude…he didn’t grow up that way but I surmised that most of his dealings with a criminal element was the black community and the worst of the worst…perhaps that would change you…..fortunately he handled himself quite well and there were never any incidents of poor behavior…in fact he rose high in the ranks as a Lieutenant just under the Chief……my other comment as relates to why some cops can be so cruel and likely prejudiced against blacks I believe they are likely raised in that fashion or because of the authority that is granted they can not deal with it and if there is a mean streak in their character can easily act it out… a cadet at The Citadel my freshman year (they called us knobs, dumbheads, idiots, etc), I observed that there was always one or two upperclassman in every company who seemed to really enjoy being mean to the freshman and in my day, had no reluctance to physically haze in addition to the mental anguish…it was in their DNA I’m afraid…..thank God most of us do not fit that category….the police are always dealing with some very nasty people almost on a daily basis and it takes a certain person to control his behavior…I applaud the push back against the excessive use of force and hope and pray that our society learns from this experience…..I certainly know that they will make their voices hears at the ballot box in November and not just for the Presidential race but most of the down ballots….we shall see, but I am personally disgusted with how this current President is handling the situation….

    I am back in Pgh but still doing what I can to help our real estate efforts….good changes are coming and I appreciate any further feedback from you as you see fit…

    Stay well…..hope your eye surgery went well


    Dick Almes 4704 Shirley Ln. Murrysville, PA 15668-9555 Pgh Home: 724-327-6368 Cell: 724-396-0223 Florida Home: 772-343-1031


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